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Initial post today by CybeRose
Van Mons (1835) wrote that he had used some of Swales' land for his experimental garden ... raising roses from seed.

"We obtained several doubles from the plants which had been late in flowering, and, among other things, the 'cocarde d'Autriche', which was quite black and which was taken from me at the moment of flowering. These doubles did not blossom until the second year of the transplanting."

I can't prove that Van Mons' seedling was the one renamed 'Grand-Napoleon', the the timing and color seem to match up.
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Initial post today by Vissers, Martin
Availability: only breeding stock
Reply #1 of 1 posted today by Patricia Routley
You should be able to add this yourself to your own roses Martin. Have you tried it?
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Initial post today by Marlorena
Agree with others about ''occasional repeat''... an absolute star of a non stop performer, right the way through to autumn... really I'm sorry but ''occasional repeat'' is a huge insult to this outstanding rose... I have heard Mr Marriott of DA Roses often recommend this variety above so many others, and couldn't agree more...
[whoops... edited to note that it now says ''blooms in flushes''.. well, that's a bit better...thanks... sorry I didn't notice before I posted this semi-rant]...

My rose has been growing in dry, rubbly soil next to a road and needed no attention... you don't even have to dead head it... and I think the name really suits it... do consider if you're looking for a constant blooming Austin, with grace and charm...

..oh, this is from England, East Anglia once again,... Nov 2018...
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Initial post today by Marlorena
One of the best floribundas I've ever grown actually... this has been an amazing rose all summer [2018, dry hot, no rain]… does exceptionally well north facing, with sun only late in the day..

The breeder of this rose produced a cracker as far as I'm concerned... musky scented too.. 5 x 3 foot or so..

...from East Anglia, England.. Nov 2018...
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