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Initial post 15 DEC 08 by Cà Berta
I have a Nevada that, as a result of my hybridizing efforts, finally got a hip that you can see in HMF's Nevada photos gallery. This strange hip led me to go and have a look to this rose's lineage. What I found was rather strange: the hip did not look at all like the hips of its seed parent (HT, HP, R. moyesii??), as it should. A quick search showed a very strong resemblance to a R. pimpinellifolia's hip!
Reading around, I found that, in fact, there were some doubts on Nevada's lineage. In "Die rose ist nicht namenlos", Roswitha Raufuss says that "The classification of 'Nevada' is problematical. The mother sort 'La Giralda' is a seedling of the white hybrid perpetual 'Frau Karl Druschki', and is said to have been crossed with R. moyesii, although the ploidy does not fit. The classification as a hybrid moyesii is still with a question mark. The leaflets rather point towards a hybrid pimpinellifolia."
In fact the chromosomal asset of Nevada is strange! I was told that the mother is tetraploid (28 chromosomes) and R. moyesii is hexaploid (42 chromosomes). From the cross, this would lead to a pentaploid rose, like Highdownensis, whereas Nevada is tetraploid.
I do not have enough knowledge to come to a conclusion but the hip of my Nevada apparently supports the hypothesis that R. Pimpinellifolia is a Nevada's parent!
What do the experts think of this?
Reply #1 of 2 posted 19 DEC 08 by Cass
I am no expert, but it wouldn't shock me if the Nevada I grow could be a Hybrid Spinossisma. The way the canes hold the flowers on short laterals along the length of the cane is reminiscent of the Spins, as is the reddish color of the canes. One of the more troubling possibilities is that an imposter Hybrid Spinossisma is in commerce as Nevada. I believe I have some images of Nevada at de l'Hay which I will review when I return home. I will also try to post detailed images of the botanical details of Nevada in commerce in the USA, although we may need to wait for springtime.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 19 DEC 08 by Cà Berta
Hello Cass, Mine is the only live Nevada I have seen in my life so I can not certainly say if it is a "true" or a "possibly fake" one. Judging from the photos I saw, it look "true" (bush, flower, pinkish flowers in some conditions...). Mine too has short laterals (not being a rose expert, I was not particularly stuck by this; only annoyed when willing to pick a flower) and reddish canes .... but also the photos-Nevada looks alike. If an imposter Hybrid Spinossisma is in commerce as Nevada, it seems that it is very, very, very well disguised!!
The hip I got adds a further brick to the already existing wall of doubts (the chromosome number is the main!!) about this rose's lineage. As you said, a census to eventually prove or disprove the existence of two Nevada populations (true vs. fake) is a first step to clarify the mistery! I use this occasion to thank you for your "educational photos" that so much help me in learning what I should have known about roses ..
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Initial post 2 DEC 08 by Sheila Holmes
This photo is of Robert Erskine, taken in the mid 1990's with his Prairie Peace Rose
Reply #1 of 1 posted 3 DEC 08 by David Elliott
Many thanks, an important part of the Canadian Hybridizer's history. Has Alex Globe at the University of British Columbia as he is working on a presentation on Canadian Hybridizers.
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Initial post 2 JAN 08 by PaulG
I ment to say the pollen parent, not the seed parent.

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Initial post 22 NOV 05 by Victoria Morgan
My grandfather was the hybridizer of the Nina Marshal, Confederation, North Star and the Dorothy A Golik, (My Grandmother) Is there anywhere I could purchase these Rose bushes?..
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