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Initial post today by Michael Garhart
I'm probably among the few that dislike this rose.

I don't particularly like the habit, and it defoliates from BS greatly here in NW Oregon.

I prefer its descendent Sparkle n Shine. The scent is a lot nice, and the color is A+. BS isn't an issue for it here. It, however, can be a little more cold tender.

Or Sunsprite, which is the old stand by. It does its job and smells nice. It's more cold hardy than both. At least here.
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Initial post yesterday by ac91z6
Sounds like this rose would be a good addition to Kordes' Arborose collection. Would anyone know offhand roughly how much time between a roses' patent and introduction? I see Kordes got 'Alaska' a US patent in Apr. of this year.
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Initial post yesterday by pminor
Available from - Oaklandnursery
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Initial post 2 days ago by jeffbee
Could anyone tell me how big is the blossom? 4 inches? thx
This rose seems to blossom in clusters, other than single head, right?
Reply #1 of 1 posted yesterday by Patricia Routley
Yes. 4 inches wide. And yes, in clusters of 5 to 9.
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