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Initial post yesterday by o-planten
Rose Listing Omission

"Mellos Ahrensburger"

Commercially available
Bred by Dr. Rainer Reimann-Phillip / Reimann-Philipp (Germany, before 1995).
Introduced in Germany by Rosenschule Dirk Bornemann / O-planten in 2017 as "Mellos Ahrensburger".
Deep pink, lighter undertones, ages to lighter . Mild fragrance. Double (17-25 petals), in large clusters bloom form. Blooms in flushes throughout the season.
Height of up to 5'11" (up to 180 cm).
Disease susceptibility: Very disease resistant.
Reply #1 of 3 posted yesterday by Patricia Routley
Having just talked elsewhere in another comment about 'bred roses' and "foundling roses"......I have added 'Mellos Ahrensburger' as a bred rose. Is that OK?
Reply #2 of 3 posted today by o-planten
No, sorry, Patricia, much to my regrett it's not one of mine.
As mentioned, it is
"Bred by Dr. Rainer Reimann-Phillip / Reimann-Philipp (Germany, before 1995)".
Please be so kind and handle it as you did with
- "Miss Ahrensburg"
- "Mme Ahrensburg"
- "Schloss Ahrensburg"
- "Rotes Ahrensburg"

Kind regards to Australia
Reply #3 of 3 posted today by Patricia Routley
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Initial post today by Vesfl
I recently visited the Louis Armstrong Park Rose Garden and it's absolutely gorgeous with many classic and also rare antique roses. This is not a complete list of all roses grown in this garden, though it includes a good number of them (68). Each of these shrubs in the Park is marked with the rose name, class, and introduction/discovery year (or 'found'). Listed here by class in chronological order.

Rosa moschata (Single musk) c. 1540

Bon Silene 1837
Safrano 1839
Le Pactole 1840 Y
Duchesse de Brabant 1857
General Tartas 1860
Isabella Sprunt 1865
Marie van Houtte 1871
Madame Lambard 1878
Mlle. Franziska Kruger 1880
Souvenir de Germain de St. Pierre 1882
Madame de Watteville 1883
Souvenir de Victor Hugo 1886
Dr. Grill 1886
Souvenir de Francois Gaulain 1889
Monsieur Tillier 1891
Maman Cochet 1893
Gilbert Nabonnand 1897
Madame Berkeley 1898
Souvenir de Pierre Notting 1902
Blumenschmidt 1906
White Maman Cochet 1907
Lady Hillingdon 1910
Cl. Lady Hillingdon 1917
Georgetown Tea (found)

Champney’s Pink Cluster 1802
Blush Noisette 1817
Bougainville 1822
Labiche 1832
Fellemberg 1835
Bouquet Tout Fait pre-1836
Duchesse de Grammont pre-1838
Multiflore de Vaumarcus 1875
Narrow Water 1883
Madame Carnot 1889
Mary Washington pre-1900
Fewell’s Noisette (found)
Haynesville Pink Cluster (found)
La Nymphe (found)
Mrs. Wood’s Lavender Pink Noisette (found)
Natchitoches Noisette (found)
Ruth’s Pink Musk (found)
Tutta’s Pink Noisette (found)

Slater’s Crimson China 1790
Old Blush 1790
Le Vesuve 1825
Louis Philippe 1834
Cramoisi Superior 1835
Archduke Charles pre-1840
Ducher 1869
Mutabalis pre-1894
Spice (Bermuda found)
Martha Gonzalez (found)

Hybrid Musks:
Trier 1904
Daybreak 1909
Excellenz von Schubert 1909
Kathleen 1922
Penelope 1924
Cornelia 1925
Bishop Darlington 1926
Gartendirektor Otto Linde 1934
Belinda 1936
Ballerina 1937
Sangerhausen 1938
Erfrut 1939
Buff Beauty 1939
Lavender Lassie 1960

Mlle. Cecile Brunner 1881
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Initial post today by Andrew from Dolton
This flower is very pink for 'Geranium'.
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Initial post today by jedmar
Thank you for these photos. We added the Louis Armstrong Park to our listings.
Reply #1 of 1 posted today by Vesfl
It's a lovely old rose garden with teas, noisettes, chinas and hybrid musks. I'm glad you added it to the garden listings. Most of their roses have markers with the rose name, class & year (or 'found'), and on my recent visit I took photos of many of these markers under the rose shrubs (about 60 or so) so that I remember them for my future visits. I will soon list all those roses that were marked which might be useful for their "plants grown" section. I'll do it in the comments section for the Louis Armstrong Park garden because I don't believe I have the writing privilege for the "plant's grown" section for this garden.
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