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Initial post today by John Hook
Gloire des Lawrenceeanas - deep, brilliant crimson, a beautiful little rose (actual spelling)

A descriptive Catalogue of Selected Roses - Thomas Rivers 1851
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Initial post yesterday by HubertG
From Rosen-Zeitung 1906, page 99:

"Neuste Rosen für 1906. (Die Beschreibungen sind die der Züchter.)

Züchter: Chédane-Guinoisseau & Pajotin-Chédane.
Le Flambeau (Tee.) Strauch sehr wüchsig, Laub sehr dunkelgrün, Triebe gerade; Blume sehr schön dunkelrot, in der Mitte feuerrot erhellt, beständig blühend. Sport von Mr. Tillier."

My translation:

Newest Roses for 1906. (The descriptions are those of the breeder.)

Breeder: Chédane-Guinoisseau & Pajotin-Chédane.
Le Flambeau (Tea.) Bush very vigorous, foliage very dark green, shoots straight; flower very beautiful dark red, lit up flame-red in the middle, constantly blooming. Sport of Mr. Tillier.


Yes, that is 'Mr.' not 'M.' in the original text. This doesn't currently appear in the lineage page under sports for Monsieur Tillier, nor does the parentage show in the description page for Le Flambeau.
I only found out about this rose just now and had to laugh a little because I wonder if it is one of the roses grown as Tillier or Archiduc Joseph ... as if that needed more confusion.
Reply #1 of 3 posted yesterday by Patricia Routley
Thanks HubertG. Parentage and reference now added. That would be an interesting one to research and the name seems familiar to me.
Reply #2 of 3 posted yesterday by HubertG
Thanks for adding that.
I'll see what I can find. That was the sole reference in Rosen-Zeitung for 'Le Flambeau" (besides the index entry).
Reply #3 of 3 posted today by Patricia Routley
I've searched and found nothing.
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Initial post today by Mariano
Hello everyone!

Does anybody have any picture/ drawing of the long lost sports of ‘Tzigane’: ‘GOLDEN TZIGANE’, 'VALERIE BOUGHEY’, 'NELL GWYN’, 'DUNTON GOLD’ and ‘RITA JACKSON’?

I have been looking for them everywhere but could not find anything so far.
Thanks in advane for any contribution!

Mariano (Buenos Aires, Argentina).
Reply #1 of 1 posted today by Patricia Routley
Hello Mariano,
I have had a fairly decent search for any photos, but found nothing. However, I have added the few references that cropped up in my search. I can't help noting that four of these roses originated in the U.K., and the fifth,'Rita Jackson', was a sport from Western Australia. It is most unlikely that 'Rita Jackson' ever made it to Argentina.
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Initial post today by Cà Berta
The bloom form and color do not appear to fit with those reported in the references (double, brick-red).
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