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Red Rose Ridge
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Initial post 21 JUN 16 by fencergal05
Would you please share a picture of your Danny Boy Sam McGredy climber?

Reply #1 of 4 posted 23 JUN 16 by Pamela Temple
Hi Nancy, It hasn't bloomed yet. It is a young plant that I received this spring. There's buds and I will post a photo to HMF when it blooms. I can tell you that it is vigorous and hasn't shown any disease.
Reply #2 of 4 posted 24 JUN 16 by fencergal05
Hi Pam,
Thanks for writing back. Where did you buy this, please? I will wait to see your pictures - hopefully you can show the bud, blossom and fade stages. Wishing you masses of blooms and lots of eye-candy in your lovely garden.
Reply #3 of 4 posted 25 JUN 16 by Pamela Temple
Hi Nancy,

I bought it from Rogue Valley roses in Oregon. It does look like a nice rose!
Reply #4 of 4 posted 4 JUL 16 by Pamela Temple
Hi Nancy, Danny Boy bloomed and I took photos. At first I hesitated to upload them. I will this morning. After reading the description in The Vintage Gardens Book of Roses I thought what I had must be mis-labeled. After looking at the photos on HMF I do see something closer to what I have. The buds were darker than the blooms. I think perhaps they fade quickly into an orange-pink. It's a young plant too, flowering on a hot day. I guess we'll keep an eye on it as it matures.
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Initial post 9 APR 16 by Quail Haven Farm
Would love to see more photos of your amazing are truly an inspiration!!
Reply #1 of 1 posted 18 APR 16 by Pamela Temple
Hello. Sorry I didn't see your message until today. Thank you for the kind words. I really should get some newer photos posted. I will soon.
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Initial post 26 JUN 12 by goncmg
Hi there! It looks like you grow CANDY APPLE, 1974????? Is there any chance that later this summer like maybe August or September you would be willing and/or able to send me a few bud eyes???? I love and miss this rose, it simply has disappeared.................
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Initial post 10 APR 08 by Kat Lee
Hi! I noticed you have a donau...I'm desperately searching for one but there isn't anyone selling this. Can you tell me more about it? Is it worth the effort to keep looking? Where did you find her? Are there any other good purples you could recommend? I love your garden- Amazing!
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