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'Duchess of Albany' clematis References
Book  (Oct 2001)  Page(s) 167-168.  Includes photo(s).
Book  (1999)  Page(s) 235.  Includes photo(s).
...clear pink with rose pink bars and cream stamens...
Book  (1999)  Page(s) 130.  
Clematis 'Duchess of Albany', cv., 1968
Magazine  (1945)  Page(s) 33.  Includes photo(s).
Descriptions of Clematis on Colored Plate Opposite
Clematis “Duchess of Albany”.  Although there are several hybrids of the American C. texensis only a few of these are now carried by nurserymen.  One of the most attractive is Duchess of Albany.  The petal-like sepals often have a dark band down the center and a paler tinge along the margins.
Website/Catalog  (1921)  Page(s) 61.  
Duchess of Albany. Red, bell-shaped blooms.
Website/Catalog  (1920)  Page(s) 27.  
Clematis...Duchess of Albany, blooms pitcher-form, bright pink...1 piece M 6.-
Website/Catalog  (1912)  Page(s) 78.  
Hybrid Clematis.
The following are Hybrid varieties raised from C. Coccinea; they have been certificated by the Horticultural Society, and are decidedly pretty and most distinct.
Duchess of Albany, Beautiful bright pink. deeper down the centre, softening down to lilac pink round the margin, campanulate in shape, quite hardy, and a vigorous grower...  1s. 6d.
Book  (1906)  Page(s) 54.  
Principal garden varieties of Clematis:
Viorna type.  (July to September.)
Coccinea hybrids.
Duchess of Albany... Bright pink, deeper in centre, fading at the edges.
Book  (1904)  Page(s) 332.  
Climbing plants.
Flowers smaller, pitcher-shaped or tubular.

21.  Clematis Viorna, var. coccinea, A. Gray (C. coccinea, Engelm.). Leaves glaucous, subcoriaceous; leaflets broader than the type, often obtuse or retuse; sepals carmine or scarlet.  Texas.  Lav. 19 (as C. Texensis).  B.M. 6594.  Gn. 19:275.  Gt. 32:86.  R.H. 1878:10; 1888:348. — Much superior to the type, because of its beautiful flowers.  Some of the garden forms of this variety, which have probably been produced by crossing it with hardier Clematises, are found under the names: Countess of Onslow, deep scarlet, G. C. III. 16:9; Countess of York, white tinted with pink; Duchess of Albany, clear pink, Gn. 52:1140.
Website/Catalog  (1902)  Page(s) 11, 39.  
Clematis coccinea-Hybrids. "Countess of Onslow" and "Duchess of Albany".  Vigorous and healthy like coccinea are the jug-formed blooms of these hybrids, opening wide star-like at the front. 1 piece M. [Mark] 1.50, 10 pieces M. 12.50.
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