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Grant, William

Article (newsletter) published Jun 1999 by American Rose Rambler.

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T,V Follette

Article (HMF Ezine) published Sep 2005.

A rose by any other name... We are always very pleased to have Bill contribute to HelpMeFind and this month's article is no exception. Actually, the day we're NOT pleased to have Mr. Grant participate here is the day your garden will like have succumb to a large meteor. And for those of you that never look at the photo credits, please note Bill has graciously contributed hundreds of his photos to HMF - visit his garden link to see them all together.

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Article (HMF Ezine) published May 2009.

The esteemed William Grant finally comes clean!  As always, a most pleasant read and sure to be enjoyed by everyone.

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Article (HMF Ezine) published Apr 2010.

Bill grant remembers Miriam Wilkins.

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Article (HMF Ezine) published Sep 2007.

HelpMeFind notes the passing of John Clements.  His friend, Bill Grant, discusses the man and his life in this brief tribute.

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Article (HMF Ezine) published Apr 2005.

Just when you thought the Bill Grants of the world knew everything about roses. Bill shares a surprise lesson.

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Article (HMF Ezine) published 1 Oct 2009.

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Article (HMF Ezine) published May 2005.

Bill returns this month with an article discussing the origin of various members of the Rosa Laevigata Family. Rose history and varied opinions make this an interesting read.

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Article (HMF Ezine) published Dec 2005.

Bill disguises his pet peeve of a misspelled exit sign on Highway 101 as a piece on rose history but we know better. Enjoy!

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Article (HMF Ezine) published Jul 2005.

Bill is back this month to discuss the Banksia family of roses. As usual, Bill's vast expereince and expertise makes for a very interesting and informative article.

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