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'Eden' rose Reviews & Comments
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most recent 2 DEC HIDE POSTS
Initial post 2 DEC by joekoel
I see that the so called ''Registration Name'' for a particular rose is MEIviolin .I presume that this is the variety name
The ''Exhibition Name'' is Pierre de Ronsard R when the rose is exhibited it is known by its trademark
Is this because people dont know it by its variety name? Im trying to understand how it all works
Reply #1 of 1 posted 2 DEC by jedmar
You can find more Information about registered code names and trde names in the following article:

"Exhibition Name" is a construct applied in USA by the American Rose Society. It Shows which trade Name you have to use if you Show this particular rose in one of the rose exhibitions in America. The Exhibition Name is not relevant in Europe for example. Trade names are for Marketing purposes and can be different for the same rose from country to country.
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most recent 13 APR 19 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 13 APR 19 by monimoni
Hello Members:

I have a question, is it possible to dig up a rose and have it return 5-7 years later? The reason for this question being that we dug up Eden Climber approx 5-7 years ago to place it elsewhere. Last fall i noticed a sprout that looked like a rose, winter came and i thought no more of it til this week, as spring temps started to warm things i began the prepping of the gardens, when i noticed a large climber taking over the side fence, it got very large very fast. Eden was the only rose i had planted there, could it be? How is it possible? so many questions
Reply #1 of 1 posted 13 APR 19 by Patricia Routley
You may have left a tiny piece behind when you dug up the rose. Root cuttings of roses are not unknown. It is either going to be ‘Eden’ or the rootstock. Compare the leaves with ‘Eden’ initially if you have no flowers yet.
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most recent 26 MAR 19 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 26 MAR 19 by Unregistered Guest
Available from - Swane's Nurseries
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most recent 24 JUL 18 SHOW ALL
Initial post 11 MAY 18 by Dirk77
Hi rose friends,
I planted a specimen of Pierre de Ronsard in May 2016 against a South facing wall. The plant is very healthy but it lacks growth. It has some blooms but very little new shoots. It's still only 120 cm tall. I've always heard that Eden / Pierre is quite vigorous but my experience is different. Does it need some time to establish and really start growing? As i said: it's very healthy and the 10 flowers i get are stunning and keep on the plant for more than two weeks. I can detect no smell wich is the only negative aspect of this rose.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 24 JUL 18 by Jay-Jay
I missed this post from You.
I wrote as a reaction on a similar question from sweethearofJ:

Reply #1 of 2 posted 19 AUG 16 by [HMF supporting member] Jay-Jay
Eden needs some time to establish. Over here, it needed almost three years, to grow from a bush-like form into a climber. And yes, it takes some time to start blooming and in our garden it has 2 or 3 flushes, with just very few scattered flowers.
It can get a very little bit of Blackspot. I fertilize twice a year in March and June. Only watered it a few times in the first two years after planting.
Right now it's having it's this years' second flush.
Just exercise some patience....
Good luck!

Ik zou U hetzelfde willen aanraden. (I would like to advise You the same)

Right now, despite the drought, the heat and the blazing sun, it flowers. The coloring is more intense. A scent can be absent, but can be strong too, when the circumstances are right: A cool morning with dew, or a damp sunset after a not too sunny day.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 24 JUL 18 by Dirk77
Laten we dus maar wat geduld oefenen ;-) Let's have some patience then
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