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'MACjose' rose References
Book  (1978)  Page(s) 98.  
Sam McGredy. A Hand-Painted Family Tree.
I put a handful of flowers in my coat pocket of the variety, 'MACashpi', cut off the stamens when I got to the hybridising house, next day made no more than a dozen crosses with the pollen and hey presto the next year I had a rather scruffy shy red Floribunda, 'MACjose' from a batch of 'Evelyn Fison' x 'MACashpi'. On occasions, and only on occasions, it had a distinct white band at the edge of each petal.
.....'MACjose' is still in my hybridising house, as are all those varieties underlined on the family tree. I cross it with every new variety I bring into the house. It sets seed well, but this germinates very badly. The pollen is viable and a better bet. Only about one seedling in a hundred shows any hand-painted effect but, and it is a big "but", about 70 per cent of the seedlings are novel in some very distinct way. A very high percentage of the seedlings also inherit an odd malformation of the foliage. As it matures dark areas appear on the surface of the leaves and gradually turn black, lose their chlorophyll and give a crinkled, often unattractive look to the foliage. I have had seedlings that looked super, but were ruined by this additional handicap to selection. It sometimes appears on 'Picasso' and 'Eyepaint', but not badly.
Book  (1972)  Page(s) 27.  
E. F. Allen. Trends in Roses. Much more recently Mr. Sam McGredy has been fortunate in bringing out the particular genes present in R. s. bicolor ('Grahamstown' and 'Staffa') when he crossed 'Orange Sweetheart' with 'Fruhlingsmorgen' to produce an important parent coded MACJOS. Crossed with 'Marlena' this has yielded the very remarkable 'Picasso' to introduce the so-called hand-painted strain.....MACJOS, in spite of poor foliage, has shown considerable promise.

Note - the parentage mentioned was MACjose's grandparents
Magazine  (1971)  Page(s) 89.  
Nigel Raban. The Men Behind the New Roses. Sam McGredy.
Like so many hybridists he realized at once how important hardiness and disease resistance were to his strain and to this end he introduced Spinosissima blood by the use of 'Fruhlingsmorgen'. At first the seedlings were of no commercial value, but after several generations came a red variety with a white edge which was named Jóse. This was very free-flowering and hardy but was marred by ugly blotches on the foliage; this defect proved difficult to eradicate in later generations, but after many crossings, including some with R. microphylla, success is at last in sight, and he has a new strain which will soon be available and to which he refers as his "handpainted" series. The first of these is 'Picasso'.
Book  (1958)  Page(s) 125.  
Sam McGredy. My rose Year. .....and is an improvement on 'Orange Sweetheart'. The latter variety makes a nice seed parent, by the way.
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