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'Signature ®' rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 17 FEB 11 by monimoni
My signature is in its 3rd season. It was one of the first roses i planted in my backyard of my new house. To date i have 88 roses. Signature is among the favorities. This rose is a fast grower, tall upright with thick strong canes. The roses are high centered,great form,huge 5" blooms that last in the vase and on the vine for some time. The color is not affected by the heat of the summer, it flushes throughout the season. My last blooms were in late november. It is a mildew resisant,but can form black spots if not sprayed. I have not noticed a scent, however the beauty of the deep pink and cream inner coloring makes up for that. I noticed in the description it has the height at 4-5ft, mine is over 6ft, i wonder if it has turned into a sport of signature. This rose is hardy to zone 6 with no more than mulch protection and needs little spring trimming.
Reply #1 of 3 posted 13 SEP 12 by buckeyesouth
And where are you located, Monica?
Reply #2 of 3 posted 13 SEP 12 by monimoni
Reply #3 of 3 posted 13 MAR 19 by mtspace
I just got one and this review will help me site it. Thanks for the info, Monica.
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Initial post 25 JAN 16 by drossb1986
In South Mississippi this rose was a star. There were no issues with diseases and the plant itself was attractive. The blooms were the real star of the show. These classically shaped, high-centered blooms always received rave reviews from everyone. The main drawback of the plant is it was extremely prickly. If you don't mind the lack of fragrance, Signature is a great rose.

August 2016 Update: Since replanting this rose in Houston, I've had a little bit of a blackspot issue in our latest round of monsoon-like rain, but nothing some spraying didn't fix. I still don't understand why Signature isn't more widely available because it is a great, gorgeous rose. I also find the flowers to have the most unique pink coloring on the market as far as pink roses go. I highly recommend Signature.
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Initial post 27 NOV 15 by Michael Garhart
Bought this one when it was new. Grew it for about 4 years. It is what I would call a fungal spray addict, which is why it became compost.

Growth type, rebloom, and form are good. Foliage is ugly. Easy to prune, and easy to winter here.

I recall that it was sort of prickly, but not like 'Prominent'.
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most recent 15 OCT 13 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 15 OCT 13 by goncmg
Have to echo the rave reviews here as this one is in my experience and opinion one of the best or just THE BEST option for a beginner who wants to expereince those gorgeous "exhibition" type blooms for themselves without having to put in the extreme efforts true exhibitors do. Marilyn Monroe would be another option along these lines.
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