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'Sunsprite' rose Reviews & Comments
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most recent 22 OCT 18 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 22 OCT 18 by Plazbo
It's interesting this rose is rated excellent for disease's not, at least not here, around half the plant is covered in blackspot.

Having said that, the plant is a bit bigger than the listed size, more 1m by 1m, fairly common for here in Australia though.
Discussion id : 113-541
most recent 15 OCT 18 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 13 OCT 18 by happymaryellen
This rose is been a total surprise for me. I bought it is a standard because I wanted something yellow that was up Above ground to be seen from the street. It is so disappointed me because it is constantly filled with rust and black spot though t blooms constantly, the blooms are lovely and they are very fragrant, but they last only a day or two. I don’t even try to bring one into a vase. I want to replace it with another standard and I think I’m going to have to just let go of the yellows being that good. Of course the best yellow in the whole wide world is Julia child. But I already have one of those in my front yard and I don’t want to have another.
Reply #1 of 5 posted 15 OCT 18 by Plazbo
I wouldn't say the whole world. Julia Child was one of the most BS prone roses i had here in Sydney.
Reply #2 of 5 posted 15 OCT 18 by happymaryellen
Ahhhhh. My enthusiasm stands corrected ????. What would you consider the best yellow Rose?
Reply #3 of 5 posted 15 OCT 18 by Jay-Jay
how yellow? Lichtkönigin Lucia? Molineux... not being a standard. Topaz Jewel. Copper Queen, Golden Monica, Golden Celebration as a standard, or shrub. (or my favorite Sutter's Gold Cl.)
Reply #4 of 5 posted 15 OCT 18 by Plazbo
Im not sure there is least not globally. I just find it interesting that Julia Child seems to be doing so well everywhere else, but then here its defoliates completely in spots and yellowing leaves as soon as summer temps arent high enough to kill BS.
Reply #5 of 5 posted 15 OCT 18 by happymaryellen
Discussion id : 109-948
most recent 12 APR 18 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 12 APR 18 by jeffbee
Very fragrant roses.The color is very lovely.The fragrance is like lemons, making my mouth waters.The leaves are glossy and, it grows very fast.The blooms are upright.
The weak point is that the pedal count is not satisfactory, and the petal arrangment is not in good order.
Discussion id : 21-012
most recent 17 MAY 17 SHOW ALL
Initial post 23 AUG 07 by Carol Peterson
Sunsprite bloomed (in its pot) all winter in Fla, the fragrance wafting across the yard - strong, sweet fragrance.  It was so beautiful, I actually carried it home to Maine for the summer, where it continued to bloom all summer.  

It has had no disease or fungus.   The blossoms "blow" quicker in hot weather, but last a week in cooler weather.  Plant is bushy & thick, dark green leaves.   A workhorse, with strong sweet fragrance!  I'd never had Sunsprite before, but now don't want to be without it - I'm carrying it back to Fla this winter.
Reply #1 of 4 posted 23 AUG 07 by HMF Admin
Thanks for sharing your expereince!
Reply #2 of 4 posted 14 SEP 08 by Dianne
Re: your Sunsprite, I would like to grow it in a container in Maine but do not know how to winter it over.
Thank you for any assistance you, or others, may provide.

Reply #3 of 4 posted 2 JUN 10 by Louise C.
Hello Diane!
Did you ever get a reply on growing your Sunsprite in a container? I am in Montreal and hope to do the same; our winters here are comparable to Maine's.
Louise C.
Reply #4 of 4 posted 17 MAY 17 by StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
Thank you for the review on wafting scent !!
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