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Chill out! Roses
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most recent 24 OCT 14 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 24 OCT 14 by pdecano
In the process of moving to Oregon (10/24/14)
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most recent 3 MAY 12 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 2 MAY 12 by monimoni
hi chillout roses, i wanted to know if you can tell me if the Lady Bird Johnson rose grows on old wood

thank you
Reply #1 of 2 posted 3 MAY 12 by Chill out! Roses
New sprouts should come from the old wood but make sure they are above the graft (if there is one). You don't want to encourage the root stock. It will not be the Lady Bird Johnson rose.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 3 MAY 12 by monimoni
thank you chill out roses
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most recent 2 MAY 12 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 2 MAY 12 by monimoni
chill out roses is no longer taking internet orders
Reply #1 of 1 posted 2 MAY 12 by Chill out! Roses
I hope everyone understands why we no longer take internet orders. The cost of shipping is high from Alaska (we have to use Priority Mail or Fed Ex 2 day service) and our seasons do not coincide with the rest of the USA. When our season is just getting started, many southern sites already have high temperatures which aren't 1) conducive to shipping or 2) it's too hot to plant the rose outdoors.
Thank you for your support in the past. We still sell to local customers here in the state (and that's a big place). Dani Haviland
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most recent 25 MAR 11 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 24 MAR 11 by Chill out! Roses
Here's a link that shows the new J&P Wine and Roses series roses. I tried to update my plant list to reflect the ones I'm bringing in but you still don't show these roses or, in the case of Champagne, don't have a box next to it so I can add to my inventory.

I'll send pictures of them as soon as they start blooming. I always try to keep one in my test garden to test for hardiness.

Dani Haviland
Chill Out! Roses
Reply #1 of 1 posted 25 MAR 11 by Lyn G
Hi Dani...

I have been searching for confirmation that the wine roses were truly new introductions vs re-named roses.

I am now confident that four of the roses have been re-named with new breeder codes as well as fancy names and two roses are true new introductions. I'll be adding them to the HelpMeFind database later tonight.

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