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most recent 12 AUG HIDE POSTS
Initial post 9 AUG by NewDawn
Could you please send me a PM about adding plants to this listing or starting a new one.
Reply #1 of 26 posted 9 AUG by Rupert, Kim L.
I don't see a way to send you a private message, so you may not have it turned on. The owner of the nursery can change the roses listed for sale, which they did (or someone did) on June 9. My guess is, those currently listed are likely the remaining plants available from this year's offering? Before changing it, perhaps checking with the owner to insure it won't foul up the information they wish presented might be a good idea? Were you thinking of creating a garden listing to document the roses grown? That can be done (again, best with the owner's permission and knowledge) fairly easily and all it requires is a list of the roses grown. The most convenient would be an Excel file with the names, classes and dates in three separate columns. That file (or a list) is then copied (just the names) and converted to a second type of file which the database requires, and uploaded to the site. There are bound to be exceptions which are not automatically sorted and found by the system. Those are generally mis spellings; names used for duplicate classes, dates, etc. or varieties not found in the database. Each one then requires researching to determine which rose in the database possessing that name is the one referenced. Hence the request that the list include the class and year of introduction. Does that help?
Reply #2 of 26 posted 9 AUG by NewDawn
Hi roseseek,
You definitely have your pm shut off! Mine is on as I receive messages from others. I'll reply once you turn yours on. Thanks for taking the time to answer. Are you speaking for HMF or just generally?
Reply #3 of 26 posted 9 AUG by Rupert, Kim L.
You're welcome. Something else is the issue, then, as mine is set to "on" and "deliver notice immediately", the way it's been all the years I've been on HMF. The last PM I received as in mid July. Either one. Anyone with Administrative permission can upload files to the database. Yes, I am able, but as there are current owners of this business and its garden, we really should have their permission to mess with it.
Reply #4 of 26 posted 9 AUG by NewDawn
I also meant to thank you for your help. I can always start a new database under "gardens" as opposed to "nursery", but I figured why invent the wheel. I suppose someone here will answer tomorrow. It's not an emergency! He has a LOT of roses to input.
Reply #5 of 26 posted 9 AUG by Rupert, Kim L.
You're welcome. it isn't reinventing the wheel, though. If the roses to be input are varieties he has for sale now, then updating the nursery listing is the proper place for them. If they are the varieties he grows in the garden, a garden listing is where they should go. For a large number of roses, the Excel file is going to be the most efficient. When i create a listing for a nursery from the past, I have to type all of the varieties from their catalog into an Excel file, then save it as a CSV type for uploading. No matter whether it's an update to the nursery listing or creation of a garden listing, the Excel file with the requested information (or, a Word.doc with the same information, but the Excel file is easier to work with as you can copy columns and omit information not required when updating) is needed.
Reply #6 of 26 posted 9 AUG by Patricia Routley
Neither NewDawn nor Kim‘s accounts are showing Private Messages on my screen.
If you do have the PM box shown, they seem to work, but one must remember to check your PM box yourself.
The notification of someone replying to a Comment is a most welcome addition to HelpMeFind.

Nurseries are expected to update and maintain their own listings. We can add their roses (gleaned from various sources) , but we cannot know when they no longer stock a rose.

NewDawn, I have updated your many “Available from -“ comments. I do apologise, but I was under the false impression that HelpMeFind’s magical computer would automatically update these every night. Not so. It is up to a volunteer’s magical fingers to do the updating - OR THE NURSERIES THEMSELVES. In these days of social distancing, it is in their own interests to do so.
Reply #7 of 26 posted 9 AUG by Rupert, Kim L.
Thank you, Patricia. I just looked and I don't see a PM icon on your page, either. I previously wondered if it was because as Premium Members and Admins, we are privy to the email addresses listed for other members. I fully agree with you about it behooving the nurseries to maintain their listings. Unfortunately, too few are interested.
Reply #8 of 26 posted 10 AUG by NewDawn
Yes, it does seem that something is up with the PM tag appearing, although these messages are working fine. I can still pm those with whom I've contacted prior. Kim, your pm is off over at the GardenWeb, but that may be on purpose. Patricia, thank you for adding FG to the listings manually.

So how can I get into Peter's FG account if he doesn't even know about it? He said he did not set it up. I am willing to do this, but can't start another nursery listing when this one exists. I just wanted to add to it, but will start one under 'garden' if not. He keeps an updated list of available cuttings on his website, so this listing would be for all the roses he grows of which he could potentially take custom cuttings to propagate.He does not want to set it up himself, so I'm doing this as a favor to make it easier for folks to see what he has. Let me know what to do. Thanks again, Kim and Patricia]
ND aka vaporvac on GW
Reply #9 of 26 posted 10 AUG by HMF Admin
We will review the issue with Private Messages for each of you and contact you each accordingly.
Reply #14 of 26 posted 11 AUG by Lyn G
Admin ...

Could you also please check my PRIVATE MESSAGE feature. It has not worked for a while and I have not been able to send PMs on HMF.
Reply #15 of 26 posted 11 AUG by HMF Admin
Will do but please be more specific - do you get an error message; is the PM button missing in some/all cases; does the message appear to go through but the recipient confirms not having received it.

The details give us clues as where to look first.
Reply #16 of 26 posted 11 AUG by Rupert, Kim L.
I have no PM button on my page. Lyn, Pat and New Dawn don't either, that I can see from my screen. I wasn't receiving notices of PM's for the longest time but am now. I can't send a PM to anyone as I don't see a PM button on anyone's pages but I can respond to the ones sent to me. It's all very odd.
Reply #17 of 26 posted 11 AUG by HMF Admin
Okay, thank you Kim, very helpful.
Reply #19 of 26 posted 11 AUG by NewDawn
I can now see the pm button. Thank you.
Reply #11 of 26 posted 11 AUG by Rupert, Kim L.
Again, something is odd. My PM's are open and working on Garden Web. The last PM I received was May 8 and it's led to a fairly regular email exchange.
Reply #18 of 26 posted 11 AUG by Lyn G
Thank you, Kim.

You got back to Admin before I did.

My account shows that I can receive PMs, but I have not received any for a while.
Reply #20 of 26 posted 11 AUG by NewDawn
Kim, your messaging still seems to be shut off over at GW. I've had them do that a few times randomly so maybe check under 'advanced settings'.
Reply #21 of 26 posted 11 AUG by Rupert, Kim L.
Thanks, Newdawn, I have and it IS turned on, as it has been for years. I do receive private messages there, as I do here. I can't do anything more about GW/Houzz.

As for here on Help Me Find, I still can't see a PM button on ANY other member's page. I just checked the ones on this thread, then started looking at people's pages in other threads. No PM buttons on any of them visible on my screen.
Reply #23 of 26 posted 11 AUG by NewDawn
Oh well! It's not like I had something pressing to PM you about over at GW! Here, I now see your pm tab, but this is the notice II get when I click to send you a message: Private Message - Initial

Sorry, this HelpMeFind member chooses not accept private messages.
Reply #24 of 26 posted 11 AUG by Rupert, Kim L.
Well, this is what I see and has been for years.
Reply #25 of 26 posted 12 AUG by NewDawn
Seems to be fixed now!
Reply #26 of 26 posted 12 AUG by Rupert, Kim L.
Yes, I received the notice of your PM and I responded to it. I still can't see a PM button your (or any other's) page.
Reply #10 of 26 posted 10 AUG by HMF Admin
Please note the HOW DO I... button has section on updating one's plant list. The process is pretty straight forward. I suggest you begin by reading through that set of instructions first.

Please also know each step includes a separate form which includes a HELP button linked to instructions specific to that form.

If run into a problem, please contact the support department; we're happy to help.
Reply #12 of 26 posted 11 AUG by NewDawn
I already know how to update a listing. What I need to know is how can one update a nursery when one doesn't have the password? Yes, the nursery could do it themselves, but in this case, I have volunteered to do it myself with FG's permission, but how? I considered just starting a new listing under 'gardens', but then the roses would not appear when researching what nursery sells them and negate the whole purpose. Since Peter didn't start this listing perhaps we could start over with a new one. I have the time now and would really like to start adding to the list.
Reply #13 of 26 posted 11 AUG by Rupert, Kim L.
I can't offer how to update the Nursery listing without the password. The Help Desk would have to handle that. The public push-back you will receive for listing the roses he grows in the "Nursery" section is they expect those listed roses to be the ones he has currently available. If it's there, many expect to be able to click on it and have it arrive at their door. I've already experienced quite a bit of that with the historic archive listings. The reality is people are lazy and they don't read. We all are. It's Human Nature. I have my old, large garden listed as an historic archive where it is plainly stated that it no longer exists, yet I continue receiving cuttings requests for roses which grew there and I haven't seen in nearly fifteen years. More than a few have been angry I can't provide them with what they requested.

If you have Susan's and Peter's permissions, you may wish to reference the garden on the nursery listing and offer the ability to request custom propagation, if they're willing to do it. Custom propagation is nice from the consumer's point of view, but a nightmare from the production end. If they've stated they don't mind it, then fine. List them in the Garden with the statement on the Nursery page the garden list is available for requests.
Reply #22 of 26 posted 11 AUG by NewDawn
Thank you for the excellent suggestion and observations. After I add everything to a new garden listing I will ask HMF to provide a link to the garden page and make other updates at the time. Peter regularly provides custom propagation, but definitely has some folks that think roses grow on trees! LOL! He's willing to do it though, so this listing should help. P.S. That's crazy folks don't understand what "archive' means. However, I'm still looking for The Aspirin Rose so can understand trying!, but certainly not getting angry about it.
Discussion id : 97-018
most recent 24 JAN 17 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 24 JAN 17 by Jerry B.
Looking for a rose named "Debbie Lynn". If you have any for sale please let me know with cost and shipping availability.
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