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Peter Beales Roses
Discussion id : 160-258
most recent 8 FEB HIDE POSTS
Initial post 8 FEB by Marlorena
Just an update to report that Peter Beales Roses has now been sold, as at 5th Feb. 2024 to Bell's Horticultural, an established garden centre business.
I understand that the brand name Peter Beales Roses will remain and for now it is business as usual.
Discussion id : 146-294
most recent 29 JUN 23 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 28 JUN 23 by Marlorena
Rather sad to report the news that this nursery is now up for sale.
Of international renown, much loved by so many in the past, although I understand the Beales family connection ceased some time ago, and they are much changed in recent years.. however, it does seem like the end of an era. I do not know if whoever buys the business will keep the name going, or not.

As far as I'm concerned, I see it as another rose nursery, one of the most famous in the world, biting the dust.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 28 JUN 23 by jedmar
Sale is managed by Christie's. They indicate a price of £ 1,45 million plus stock for an annual turnover of £ 2,3 million.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 29 JUN 23 by Johno
Very sad indeed. Visited the centre in the last fortnight. Cafe was packed and there seemed to be plenty of people in the centre. Like to take photos in the display garden but rose names in the main were hard to find because of the weeds; sorry, companion plantings. In Peter’s days the potted roses offered for sale would invariably be in flower so you could go along and photograph the ones you were interested in, and of course they were more attractive and an inducement to the buying public.
Discussion id : 89-414
most recent 24 NOV 15 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 23 NOV 15 by G. Byron
What has happened to this nursery? I've used them a number of times in the past and had quite good roses and adequate service, but this time has been an absolute disaster and I can only suggest anyone wanting roses looks elsewhere. I ordered 5 roses, none arrived with more than 2 sticks, and one of them, Polly, had only one stick, and hardly any roots. Generally the roses looked undeveloped and in poor condition. I complained, but received no acknowledgement. At the same time as ordering from this company, I also ordered roses from Petales de Roses, Rosen Direct, and Belle Epoque, all provided far better service, and wonderful roses, often with 5 or 6 stems, and very well developed root systems. They were also all cheaper than Peter Beales. See the attached photo for the obvious difference. The two Petales de Roses plants arrived a week before the Peter Beales 'Polly', but that doesn't account for the difference.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 23 NOV 15 by Patricia Routley
Could it be that the 89 year old rose 'Polly' is losing vigour and just doesn't propagate all that well these days?
Reply #2 of 2 posted 24 NOV 15 by G. Byron
You could be right, although this is something the client should be made aware of if it is the case, and none of the other hybrids they sent looked much better.
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