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Edmunds' Roses
Discussion id : 126-539
most recent 19 MAR HIDE POSTS
Initial post 19 MAR by Michael Garhart
Well, that was a fun experience. Its my fault for ordering past Reagan's timeline.

Ordered 2 HTs. They came on time, and were quite large, but were completely dried out husks. They threw in a few strands of moss, barely put the rubber band on, shoved them in a box too small for the roses, and called it good.

Now I get the joy of playing phone tag with an NPC on their 1-800 #.

I truly miss the old Edmunds. It really was a cultural experience.
Discussion id : 92-570
most recent 6 MAY 16 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 6 MAY 16 by bumblekim
I ordered 4 Elina, a Stephens big purple, Full sail, Candy Spelling, and a couple others back in February. All were not flagged as "out of stock" and I was able to put them into the "cart" on website and purchase. Following week get email: Big Purple was out of stock!! This was one of the reason I ordered from them,. I wanted 4 Elina dn Big purple, and just filled out the order for the others.

Then 2 weeks ago at End of April they tell me ELINA is out!! Why did they wait so long to let me know? What a disappointment that both of the important ones were out. They NEVER offered to replace with a different selection of something from in-stock. Just simple credit back to card. Surprising.

Well the order came and the plants are tagged STAR ROSES who I am familiar with because my club orders the roses for the EM Mills rose garden from Star. The plants are full of canes and healthy looking roots, and barely breaking dormancy but enough to tell they are alive. Canes a bit dry, soaked.

I will not order from Edmunds again as the stock/inventory is not accurate (which is forgivable IF you are told within a couple of days of ordering as I have happen with ARE, etc).
I had even paid for them so I feel like they were sols to someone else who lived in a higher zone/earlier shipping date than I had.
Discussion id : 79-062
most recent 19 JUN 14 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 19 JUN 14 by Lauren
I thought/hoped that buying from a nursery so close to my own geographical location would be good. So, 3 years ago I placed a substantial order with this nursery. Although I live in northern MI, I grow close to 100 varieties of roses; I give presentations on growing roses here to local gardening and Master Gardener groups.

I have been SO disappointed with the stock from Edmund's. Two of the roses in my original order failed outright -- never grew. One has reverted to Huey rootstock, and I will replace it next year, but NOT with anything from Edmund's. My advice? If you are not sure who to buy from, go to David Austin first off, then there are other suppliers depending on your area -- but do NOT expect good quality stock from Edmund's.
Discussion id : 71-174
most recent 23 APR 13 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 23 APR 13 by goncmg
Now owned by JUNG I believe and although the catalog is a good read and the selection wide, I bought 3 last year and 3 this year and: 4 of the 6 never even started. Just arrived, looked decent, died. ONE last year and ALL THREE THIS YEAR! I KNOW how to grow roses. The "problem" is NOT me.........will ask for my money back but really so sad. Once upon a time Fred and Wini really loved their operation...........
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