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Jackson & Perkins Co.
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Initial post 30 MAR 13 by goncmg
Park Seed/Wayside/J&P are now one evidently.............haven't bought mail order from J&P since it was based out of Medford, OR but did just buy Signature and it arrived today. Was sad to see how little care was given this plant in shipping-------------nothing to keep its roots moist at all! Just rose in a bag............the plant looks "nice," it looks ok, but the roots were dry on arrival and this could be lethal..............not as much disappointed as simply saddened.............once upon a time Wayside was "higher end" in price but also in quality, Park was reliable and strong (I remember those gold foil seed packs!) and J&P roses were packed with care and always super strong, big..............
Reply #1 of 3 posted 31 MAR 13 by Rupert, Kim L.
Unfortunately, that's what happens when a concern of long standing respectable customer service goes bankrupt and the "business" is bought out without the production end of it. I don't know from whom they receive what they ship, but as far as I know, their production land in Wasco was sold off separately from the "business". Yes, very sad, indeed! Customer service and quality plants, shipped with care were always their trademarks.
Reply #2 of 3 posted 10 MAY 19 by Matt's Northwest Florida Garden
I took the plunge and ordered some exclusive introductions for them this year, and partook in their late season sales. So far I’ve been impressed. I am really enjoying their ownroot HT summer nights. Color is mutable and variable based on weather. Flowers are large and exude a slight myrrh scent. See my review above and my photos on the Summer Nights listing.
Reply #3 of 3 posted 15 MAY 19 by goncmg
Great to see this update!
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Initial post 10 MAY 19 by Matt's Northwest Florida Garden
This year I ordered a few bareroot roses from J&P in March, and more during their $10 and $8 rose sales. So far the plants arrived In great shape with excellent root systems. I soak my plants’ roots three days before planting and start all bareroot plants in 5 gallon terra cotta pots. Every Rose has been true to type and survived, although one had rose mosaic. They carry some exclusive introductions, which have proved interesting and garden worthy. I really think they have turned the corner and are offering quality product again. Additionally their bareroot, ownroot product is a bargain and has an edge on Edmunds regarded size and root system . Plus, their end of season sales can’t be beat if you’re willing to baby a bareroot plant in warmer weather. My May order arrived in Florida with zero cane death and all plants are leafing out well.
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Initial post 2 APR 17 by Pitchford Gardens
I consider Jackson and Perkins to be knowledgeable, with high quality products.
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Initial post 12 AUG 08 by Unregistered Guest
Am looking for a rose,(or Peonie bush ) named "Melissa" to send to a friend whose daughter,Melissa, just passed away. I thought I had seen one in one of your catalogs, but the nursery says "no". Can you help me?
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