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'Catalonia' rose References
Website/Catalog  (2012)  Includes photo(s).
Catalònia, Pere Dot, 1931, HT / Pernetiana, cardinal red slightly diffused with golden-yellow on the exterior, shrub, very vigorous, very double, globular, large and full, slightly flattened, with lightly wavy petals, very floriferous, mild fragrance, dark olive green foliage, Shot Silk X Mary Dot X Jean C. N. Forestier, divergent habit, very vigorous, dense growth, resistant to sicknesses, suitable for groups, gold medal Pedralbas 1931, certificate of merit Haywars 1931, for groups and mass planting, bibliography: RE-LD, mcf10
Article (magazine)  (Nov 1999)  Page(s) 31.  
Catalonia was one of the provinces of Spain Dot loved most.
Book  (Sep 1993)  Page(s) 108.  Includes photo(s).
Catalonia Large-flowered. Pedro Dot 1933. Parentage: 'Jean Forestier' x unnamed seedling. Description... warm, brilliant colors of orange, crimson and gold... prone to black spot...
Book  (Apr 1993)  Page(s) 80.  
Catalonia Hybrid Tea, bright orange-crimson, shaded gold, 1933, ('Shot Silk' x 'Mari Dot') x 'Jean C.N. Forestier'; Dot, P. Description.
Book  (1947)  Page(s) 114.  
Catalonia (H.T.) has large globular flowers of bright cardinal-red shaded with gold, which lasts well, and are borne on vigorous bushy plants bearing much large deep green foliage. Dot 1933...Very fragrant....June-September. Hardy.
Website/Catalog  (1945)  Page(s) 19.  
'Catalonia'. Very vigorous and robust growth and olive green foliage. Large full flower of elegant form and exquisite perfume. The colour is cardinal red, lighted with yellow at base of petals.
Website/Catalog  (1936)  Page(s) 45.  
New Roses 1935.  Catalonia Pernt. (Pedro Dot 1933) F. 2.  Large, full blooms of cardinal red with yellow base.  Glorious colours, but the plants have a decidly weak habit and die back badly. 
Book  (1936)  Page(s) 133.  
Catalonia (hybrid lutea) P. Dot 1931; Shot Silk X M. Dot X J.C.N. Forestier; glossy fiery crimson-lake, shaded ochre and golden-yellow, medium to large, very double, globular to flat, ruffled petals, lasting, in 2-4s, fragrance 5/10, floriferous, continuous bloom, dark red to olive foliage, growth 7/10, well-branched. Sangerhausen
Book  (1935)  Page(s) 14.  
p14.  Harry H. Hazlewood.  The New Roses of 1935.
In Catalonia (Dot, 1933) the Spanish grower made a wonderful  bid for a truly marvellous Rose, and just failed to reach the mark by reason of weak constitution. The buds are of typical, short Pernetiana type, and open out to large flowers (45-90 petals) of glorious, scarlet red, with a yellow flame lighting up the whole bloom. If it would only grow decently, varieties like 'Margaret McGredy' would be discarded at once.  It is the sort of colour one dreams about and automatically places in front of a black background to further enhance its great beauty. It is possible the weak growth may be due to over-propagation, and all who have seen it will devoutly hope for a better performance in this respect in the future. As it is, the variety is placed eighth instead of first on the list.

p17.  ibid. .....'Catalonia' did fall short in growth.
Website/Catalog  (1935)  Page(s) 37.  
New Roses 1935.  Catalonia (Pernet. Pedro Dot 1933)  Very vigorous and robust growth and olive green foliage. Large, full flower, and elegant form and exquisite perfume. The colour is cardinal red lighted with yellow at base of petals. 4/- each.
A truly wonderful flower, but it looks as if it would only be suitable for dry climates. 45-100 petals.
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