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'Edith Krause' rose Reviews & Comments
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I've noticed that on its own roots, it likes to sucker. Interesting
Reply #1 of 1 posted 5 SEP by Harem On The Hill
mine has also started suckering a bit.
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Initial post 27 DEC 18 by flodur
You don't show any reference that Mme Crego is a synonyme!
Reply #1 of 7 posted 29 DEC 18 by Patricia Routley
I have added the Vintage 2006 reference and it would appear that "Mme. Crego" is a foundling or study name.
Do you have any other information?
Reply #2 of 7 posted 31 DEC 18 by flodur
I agree it must be the name of a found rose. But 'Edith Krause' does not have "white flowers tinted icy green". Pamela Temple from Vintage told me: Carl Luhn who passed the found "Madame Credo" thought it might be Konigin Louise. Gregg and Phillip thought it unlikely and have depended on the identification of Fred Boutin as Edith Krause.
Without detailed photos it is impossible to keep it as a synonyme!
Reply #3 of 7 posted 31 DEC 18 by Patricia Routley
Perhaps 'Edith Krause' may not have "white flowers tinted icy green", but it was said in the references to have:
1931 greenish white
1932 greenish white with red striped on outside of petals
1936 greenish mignonette-white,
1947 greenish white

So for "Mme. Credo" :
Fred (and Gregg and Phillip if they put it in their catalogue] thought it may be 'Edith Krause'
Karl thought it might be 'Konigin Louise'
I can't help thinking of 'Molly Sharman-Crawford'.
Perhaps we should keep it in this file until more information comes to light?
Reply #4 of 7 posted 1 JAN 19 by flodur
The first German catalogs I found:
Hermann Albert Hesse, 1933: resedaweiß
Victor Teschendorf 1935: resedaweiße Farbe ähnlich Kaiserin Auguste Viktoria
Resedaweiß is greenish white, but if I look at the photos from San Jose and Sangerhausen and of 'Kaiserin Auguste Viktoria' I would describe the colour as white with large yellow center. The main impression is yellow! Maybe the first bloom was "resedaweiß" and all nurseries took over this description and translated it in USA to greenish white. None of the US rose catalogues of 1930 to 1940 offers 'Edith Krause' or 'Mme Crego'. How and when did it come to San Jose? Most nurseries offer 'Kaiserin Auguste Viktoria'.
Does Carl Luhn still exist and could he tell us something about 'Mme Crego'?
Finally I found it! C.H. Stocking, Rose Grower, San Jose, California, Roses, Season 1932-1933: Color is a slight greenish white when the bud first opens, fading to a pure white. That explains how it came to San Jose Heritage Rose Garden and the description of the color!!! I still think the second name should be Found rose "Mme Crego", perhaps found in her garden.
Reply #5 of 7 posted 1 JAN 19 by Patricia Routley
Well done thou good and faithful researcher.
Just double checking - Is the name in the 1932-33 C. H. Stocking catalog Mme Crego or Edith Krause. I would like to add that reference.
I am not sure if Mme Crego should actually be a synonym (renamed by Stocking?) or should it carry the double quotes of a foundling, which it currently does in the HelpMeFind file. I have added Found Rose to the class. I will try and find more references to ‘Edith Krause’. It seems greenish white/yellow roses are the roses of great interest today.

The internet tells me Reseda is: a plant of the genus Reseda (family Resedaceae ), especially (in gardening) a mignonette
Reply #6 of 7 posted 2 JAN 19 by flodur
Thanks Patricia!
The name of Stocking is 'Edith Krause'. I didn't find any 'Mme Crego' (In the correspondence with Pamela it became Mme Credo, just by a typing error!) - I believe it was found in the garden of a Crego-family!?
Here in my data base you will find the catalogue of Stocking and some 1.500 others:
And there on the page of 'Edith Krause' you'll find some more references.
The flowers of Reseda are white with more or less green, in German we call the color "resedaweiß".
Regards Rudolf
Reply #7 of 7 posted 2 JAN 19 by Patricia Routley
Thanks Rudolf.
I've spent the afternoon adding 'Edith Krause' references. There are more Australian ones to come - in time.
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Initial post 14 JUN 11 by Dianne's Southwest Idaho Rose Garden
According to the Vintage Gardens website, this is the same rose as Edith Krause.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 15 JUN 11 by HMF Admin
We've merged them, thanks.
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Initial post 14 JUN 11 by Dianne's Southwest Idaho Rose Garden
This rose says it's hardy to "zone 11 to 9b". Is this a typo? I see that people seem to be growing it in zones five and six, and I'm not sure there is a USDA zone 11.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 15 JUN 11 by HMF Admin
Yes, it was a typo. We've changed it to the default zone range.
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