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"Fantin-Latour" rose References
Book  (2020)  Page(s) 244.  
'Fantin Latour'. Centifolia, but not a typical Centifolia, perhaps a Bourbon cross or a Hybrid China? It was found by Graham Stuart Thomas in an English garden in 1940 and named for the French painter Ignace Henri Théodore Fantin-Latour (1836-1904), who painted similar roses.
Magazine  (2016)  Page(s) 44. Vol 38, No. 2.  Includes photo(s).
Patricia Routley. Fantin-Latour.
In 2015 I noticed a single hip on Fantin-Latour and wondered if it was normal for the bush to set hips....
Article (magazine)  (2009)  
[The author describes that 'Fantin Latour' is most probably a rose re-introduced by Edward Bunyard as 'Best Garden Rose' in 1938-39, and later renamed by Graham Stuart Thomas as 'Fantin Latour'.]
Magazine  (2009)  Page(s) 2. No. 38.  Includes photo(s).
Charles Quest-Ritson. The Mystery of Fantin Latour.
....One of the surprises I unearthed when researching the background to that article was the appearance of 'Fantin Latour' in the Bunyard's list of roses for the 1938-39 season. I had always supposed that this rose was introduced by Graham Thomas, and I rather thought that he claimed credit for the introduction too. But no, a rose called 'Fantin Latour' appears quite unequivocally in Bunyard's list of new introductions.

In fact, Bunyard introduced, or re-introduced, some ten new roses in 1938-39, including four roses that he described as Hybrid Perpetuals. Two of these are worth our notice - the one described as 'Fantin Latour' and the other as'Best Garden rose'.

Here is Bunyard's description of 'Fantin Latour'. Lovely cupped pink flowers in great profusion. A variety to let go of its own will and make a 6-ft bush clothed to the base. Moderate scent. Vigorous. Does this sound like the rose that we grow today as 'Fantin Latour'? I say No: our 'Fantin Latour' does not have cupped flowers and its scent could not be described as "moderate".

Here, then, is Bunyard's description of 'Best Garden Rose': "An unknown old H.P. which a very distinguished amateur has kindly allowed us to introduce. His opinion is expressed in the temporary name here given. Strong scent. Strong growth." As descriptions go, this must rate as one of the most inadequate ever given. it does not even tell us what colour the flowers are, let alone their shape or how they are carried. All it tells us is that 'Best Garden Rose' is vigorous and strongly scented.
Magazine  (2009)  Page(s) 16. No. 37.  
Graham Stuart Thomas. Rose Nomenclature. As to 'Fantin-Latour', this was given to me by Mrs. Ruby Fleischmann, who had had it from Mrs. Messel at Nymans. Both gardens were rich in old roses in the early 1950s, having been preserved like those at St. Nicholas since before the war. Ruby Fleischmann always called it 'Fantin-Latour' because of its close resemblance to the many roses in his paintings, but once again there is no record of his having had a rose named after him. While of R. centifolia persuasion it is probably a throw-back hybrid of a China rose, vigorous and prolific. Both this and .... have become popular in the great revival of interest to these roses of the 19th century, and their names are best left as they are. I had hoped one or the other might have cropped up among the many roses I have been sent very kindly from Sangerhausen, the great German rose garden now happily restored to the nation. But it was not to be.
Book  (2007)  Page(s) 74-75.  
'Fantin Latour' That seedlings can come up spontaneously in a garden ..resulting in extraordinarily beautiful rose bushes, is proven by the rose 'Fantin-Latour', which was discovered around 1940 by Graham Stuart Thomas, the english rose expert, author and promoter of old roses, and which is nowadays counts as one of the prototypes of modern English Roses. They simply called it Best Garden Rose....
Book  (2007)  Page(s) 224.  
'Fantin-Latour' (Br. Unk., date unc.). Centifolia. Pink. TORA2. This now-popular rose is evidently unattested under this name in the old literature.
Book  (2005)  Page(s) 29.  Includes photo(s).
'Fantin Latour' Origines, parents et date d'introduction non connus. Hauteur et étalement: 1,50 m x 1,50 m. Non-remontant....Graham S. thomas ne pouvait faire mieux que de donner à ce rosier, trouvé dans un jardin, le nom d'un artiste qui sut si bien peindre les fleurs et les roses. Le buiasson est attrayant avec sa frondaison épaisse, sombre et légèrement luisante, portant des fleurs larges et opulentes, épanouies en de grandes coupes rose tendre et accompagnées de boutons d'une teinte plus vive. En climat sec, des arrosages abondants au pied, et des traitements préventifs, lui éviteront d'être attaqué par l'oïdium, auquel il est parfois sensible.
Book  (2004)  Page(s) 131-132.  Includes photo(s).
'Fantin-Latour' Syn.: 'Best Garden Rose' France before 1880 (unknown origin)....
Website/Catalog  (31 Dec 1998)  Page(s) 29.  Includes photo(s).
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