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'Mälar-Ros' rose References
Book  (Apr 1993)  Page(s) 350.  
Mälar-Ros Hybrid Tea, glowing ruby-red indoors, dark blood-red with crimson outdoors, 1932, 'Hadley' x 'Fragrance'; Kordes. Description.
Book  (1983)  Page(s) 50.  
Dr. A. S. Thomas.  From Then to Now.  Malar Ros. HT. (Kordes, 1932)  ….This was a superb show rose in the Spring.  It needed to be wired and pelleted but I won a great lot of awards with it.  It was of true deep crimson colouring, strong perfume and of great size. 
Book  (1971)  Page(s) 53.  
Dr. A. S. Thomas.  What Next?    We would all welcome a new version of Malar Ros with no constitutional die-back (some growers regarded it as almost a herbaceous perennial!)
Book  (1962)  Page(s) 96.  
Dr. A. S. Thomas.  Then and Now.  Malar Ros never good except in the spring, gives nearly all blind shoots because of the late frosts at the greater altitude.    The others fail to give flowers that are big enough.  I do not know why Julia Countess of Dartry, William Orr and Malar Ros were used, before World War II more freely in my stands than any other varieties.  That was in light soil and at low altitude, near the sea.  I would be glad of those blooms at any show.
Book  (1958)  
p95-5  C. A. Browne, Ivanhoe.  A glance Back.  ….and Malar Ros, a red with a weak constitution.  It rewarded with excellent blooms if one could grow it. 

p124-7  Beaumont Smith, S.A.  Malar Ros.  This exhibition rose can be a champion, particularly in the autumn.  However, like William Harvey, the blooms do not open and the heavy blooms are borne on weak stems.
Book  (1955)  Page(s) 119.  
Dr. A. S. Thomas.  ….and still others are perfect specimen blooms but little to commend them except their form and size.  Examples of these three types could be Picture, The Doctor, and Malar Ros.
Book  (1953)  Page(s) 35.  
S. J. Bisdee.  Tasmania.  Malar Ros is the most hopeless red rose I’ve grown.  Its growth was spindly, its neck weak, and colour very poor.  It also resolutely refused to open well.    
Article (newspaper)  (1 Jul 1952)  Page(s) 7.  
Malar Ros. This is a thornless rose, having beautiful pointed buds of deep velvet red. This rose has won championships in Rose Shows. 4/6 each, 51/- doz.  City View Nurseries. 139 Keen St.  PHONE 1408.
Book  (1952)  
p55-4  Dr. A. S. Thomas.  Red Roses.  ‘William Orr’ remains the most prolific reliable red rose on my light sandy loam.  The petals are not as long nor the bloom as sharply pointed as ‘William Harvey’, Malar Ros, ‘Poinsettia’ and others, but it is a wonderful rose for any purpose. 
p56-5  ibid.  Malar Ros is the greatest red show rose I know.  It dies back very badly, so much so that some people grow it in much the same way as a herbaceous plant.  It is a poor garden rose and almost useless for decorative work, but its perfume is particularly strong.
Book  (1950)  
p49-3  N. T. Scoble.  Curator of St. Kilda Parks and Gardens.  Roses for Shaded Situations.  ….Not for such positions are the very full, slow opening roses such as Malar Ros, Elizabeth Arden, Mother’s Day, Dame Edith Helen and the like.  
p50-3  ibid…..not suitable are such as Malar Ros, Crimson Glory, William Orr….

133-4  Frank Penn.  The Recommended Roses.  Malar Ros is another popular rose in Australia.  It is little grown here, though it has many good points, including a rich fragrance.  It balls badly.  

p144-5.   Dr. A. S. Thomas.  A Victorian Summary. ‘William Harvey’ – the colour is a little darker than Malar Ros and the petals are less numerous, though the flower is as big.  
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