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'Rose d'Hivers' rose References
Website/Catalog  (25 Jul 2016)  Includes photo(s).
Registered Name: 'Rose d'Hivers'
ARS Approved Exhibition Name: Rose d'Hivers
D, w; flowers whitish, center shell-pink, well-shaped, 2 in. , double , moderate fragrance; spring bloomer; prickles few
Book  (2005)  Page(s) 214.  
Rose d'Hivers D. w. MR11 gives no introducer or date ( <1935, ex-Middle East?). Available from:
GG3 Golden Vale Nursery, Victoria, Australia
KK2 Keihan Gardening, Japan
MM7 Mistydowns, Victoria, Australia
RR7 The Rose Garden, South Australia.
RR9 Ross Roses, South Australia
Book  (Apr 1999)  Page(s) 80.  
Rose d'Hivers trans. "Winters Rose". Breeder unknown, date uncertain. Small, pink-to-white roses.
Magazine  (1998)  Page(s) 37. Vol 20, No. 2.  
Wendy Langton. The Portlands, Part Two.
On the lookout now for just a few more to even up the planting I decided to include two of the more compact Damasks with Portland sympathies - 'Leda' of the double blush pink to milky white petals lightly brush-stroked crimson, and the dainty little pinky-white Rose d'Hivers.
Book  (1997)  Page(s) 174.  
Rose d'Hivers Damask... flowers: clear pink to white...
Book  (1997)  Page(s) 144.  
But it was Nancy Lindsay's roses that we particularly went to see. We had had lists of her roses with lengthy descriptions, and were enthralled by her enthusiasm. The thought-provoking names poured from her. For some years i was frustrated by these names because I could not find them in any of the old French books in my possession, nor in the Lindley Library. At length the reason dawned on me. Finding an unknown rose in an old garden without a name she let her fancy run free and coined a name for it. Thus did the following names appear in commerce (in her own catalogue): N.L. 1409 Rose d'Hivers, a possible R. alba hybrid whose dainty white or palest blush flowers remain in bud formation for some days and are picked and dried for winter decoration.

The Curator at Kew kindly let me have budding eyes of these and other roses for my growing collection. A few years later I met Miss Lindsay and we exchanged visits. It was then that I was told that her roses and other plants had been lodged at Kew for safe keeping, as she had no garden to accommodate them, and that they should not have been given to anyone without her permission. I received a tirade by post a day or two later, of which I give the gist:
"I was stunned when I saw my precious 'Rose d'Hivers', N.L. 1409, in your nursery! I risked my life in the wilds of the Guilan Mountains to get that rose!................."
This little rose grows at Mottisfont, together with 'Gloire de Guilan' and 'Rose de Resht', but has never been shown or officially named.
Book  (Nov 1994)  Page(s) 46.  
Two Roses introduced by Miss Lindsay prior to the Second World War probably fit into the Damask group. They are 'Rose de Resht' and Rose d'Hivers.....Miss Lindsay's second rose is a twiggy little bush that may be a hybrid with Rosa x alba. The flowers are dainty and of perfect shape, the large outer petals nearly white, guarding the flesh-pink central petals, which remain in bud for several days. The flowers are said to retain their shape when dried.
Book  (Apr 1993)  Page(s) 517.  
Rose d'Hivers Damask, Flowers whitish, center shell-pink...
Book  (1992)  Page(s) 168.  
Damasks. Rose d'Hivers. An odd little rose, placed here as a sibling, for want of another home. Rather un-Damask-like, with small, grey foliage and twiggy, yellowish-green shoots. Its flowers are small, though quite shapely; they pale towards the margins from clear pink to white. Recurrent. Tolerant of poor soils. Suitable for hedging. Suitable for woodland and covert planting. Tolerant to shade. Suitable for growing in pots. Slightly fragrant. Availability limited. 3' x 3'. 90 x 90cm.
Book  (1986)  Page(s) 47.  Includes photo(s).
Rose d'Hivers An extremely interesting rose which is probably of great age. Quite small flowers, pink in the bud opening to pure white. Nicely double and fragrant.
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