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'Rosa canina var. globularis' rose References
Website/Catalog  (2006)  Page(s) 43.  
Rosa canina L. var. globularis (Franch.) 'Tausendjähriger Rosenstock von Hildesheim' [Thousand-year-old Rose of Hildesheim]
Book  (Mar 1998)  Page(s) 11.  
The Hildesheim Rose of Germany is said to date from the time of Charlemagne's son and therefore to be a thousand years old.
Book  (1990)  Page(s) 148.  
Editor[?]  The Oldest Living Rose Tree
Charlemagne planted a rose in the cloisters of Hildesheim Abbey in 798 AD in honour of the visiting ambassador of, appropriately enough, the Caliph of Baghdad. That was over a thousand years ago. In 1884 the tree began to weaken with age, so it was given fresh soil and new irrigation and drainage. It thrived on the treatment and immediately put out suckers. The cathedral and most of the town were destroyed in an air raid in 1945, but the root stock was undamaged, and although many of the shoots were burnt back (Theophrastus's method of pruning!) they survived, and the tree is now 30 feet (9 metres) high. Exports examining it in 1950 declared it to be a Dog rose, R. canina, and over one millenium old.
Book  (1988)  Page(s) 139.  
location 81, 128/1; R. canina L. var. globularis (Fr.) Crép., 1000-year-old-Rose!, CANINAE, tender pink, center white, single, medium-large, solitary or cluster-flowered, floriferous, vigorous, upright-arching, 3 m, few prickles, light-medium green medium size foliage, 5-7 leaflets, orange-red medium size glossy fruit, reflexed sepals, fall off early
Book  (1973)  Page(s) 69.  
Magazine  (Aug 1883)  Page(s) 120.  
Un Rosier millènaire.- Près de l'abside de la Cathédrale de Hildesheim, on peut voir un Rosier qui est celui sur lequel on trouva suspendu le reliquaire oublié par le chapelain de l'empereur Louis le Débonnaire, qui chasseait dans la vallée d'Hildesheim. La Société historique de la Basse-Saxe a visité dernièrement ce Rosier, dont l'âge est évalué par un de ses membres à 300 ans. Le professeur LEUNIS, une autorité en botanique, le fait, au contraire, remonter à mille ans. L'évêque HETZILO, ölevé au onzième siècle sur le siége épiscopal d'Hildesheim, parle de ce Rosier comme étant déjà très ancien. ...
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