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'TANtocnirp' rose Reviews & Comments
Discussion id : 134-985
most recent 4 NOV 22 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 4 NOV 22 by cooleyedbabe
Planted Hot Princess in 2016. Never gives me a bit of trouble. She's on east side of house in Portland, OR, 8b officially, but really more 9a. She gets 6 hours of sun Spring thru Summer, then in shade all day from about Oct. 1. to mid-March.
It finally stopped raining about the end of June 2022 (light rain). Then we had unseasonably hot summer. High 90s, a few days in 100s.
Although her blooms are red, like Alec's Red, they fad to reddish pink-purple when opening. The color is not ugly, but not attractive. However it takes a long time for her to open so it's not really an issue with me. I get more blooms than I can keep up with. She is so full-petaled that her stamens never show. After cutting, and petals are falling, stamens don't show til there's nearly nothing left.
Even in full shade, her flowers fade soon after they are 1/2 way open. I do love her fluted petals, very feminine and befitting a princess. I have her son, Hot Prince, who looks like he's going to be redder and not have fluted petals. In nature the males are usually more colorful than the girls. LOL!
Really vigorous and disease resistant. Roses around her ( no closer than 3') got canker, blackspot and mildew (Double Delight). Princess stayed clean. I guess being a Princess she felt she was too good to catch anything!
Tall and stately, beautiful form. Easily 8' if I didn't keep cutting her back to 5' or 6'. No matter how much I prune her back she never stops blooming, even now she has at least a dozen blooms.
Canes very strong regardless of height. Even in some pretty strong winds, canes don't break. Her blooms are ALL solitary on very long, strong stems. Lasts very long after cutting. A florist told me to refrigerate my roses (in water) overnight. Made a huge difference in how long they lasted. I only do it once, right after I cut them.
Any questions? Love to expound but I never get notice that anyone replies. I have the thing checked in my account that says to notify me about replies.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 4 NOV 22 by HMF Admin
Wow, now that's member participation on steroids ! Thank you so much for sharing your experience !
Discussion id : 74-110
most recent 18 SEP 13 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 18 SEP 13 by bluebuster77
this florist rose is NOT a problem under partial shade condition. Blooms are large and lovely, outstanding foliage. Don't see any mildew or black spot appear on large, glossy leaves.
Discussion id : 66-612
most recent 27 AUG 12 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 27 AUG 12 by RSFRoseHill
Height isn't included in the Description tab, but in my garden, Hot Princess is over 7 feet tall, with looong stems for cut flowers.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 27 AUG 12 by HMF Admin
Thank you, we've update our listing to reflect your experience with this plant - we would LOVE to have more people do the same as that's what HMF is all about.
Discussion id : 41-271
most recent 22 DEC 09 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 21 DEC 09 by John Rogoskey
Have had Hot Princess in the ground for almost a year. It is a very vigorous plant and
beautiful repeat bloomer. It is not pink in my garden at all, more of a mauve. Unlike what other have wrote, mine has a very strong old rose fragrance. The blooms don't last long on the bush, but it produces more than a dozen at a single time, and excellent repeat. For being in the ground only 9 months, it is going to be a large upright bush and with my spraying program seems to be quite healthy!!!
Reply #1 of 1 posted 22 DEC 09 by HMF Admin
Thanks, very helpful.
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