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'NOBam' rose References
Website/Catalog  (31 Jan 2014)  
Registered Name: 'Nobam'
ARS Approved Exhibition Name: Daughter Margaret
S, w, 1986, Nobbs, Kenneth J.; flowers peach, fading to white, 48 petals, borne in clusters of 2-6, slight fragrance; repeat bloom; foliage typical China; prickles broad, pink; compact growth
[Mutabilis × Cornelia]. Introductions: 1985
Book  (2012)  Includes photo(s).
p117. 'Daughter Margaret'. In a letter to Margaret Hayward, author and rose fancier, in 1987 Ken said of 'Daughter Margaret': "I have always felt attracted to R. chinensis 'Mutabilis', a tall shrub China rose with floppy multi-coloured blooms which die off dark instead of fading out as most China roses will do. Last year I got one or two miniatures, one of which is worth keeping as, like its seed parent, it has several colours in the double blooms and is only a few inches tall. Like 'Mutabilis' it is very floriferous. One of the seedling plants from this source has for two seasons in a row flowered from November till the end of May without a break. I have kept a record of this carefully and it is unique. I have registered it as 'Daughter Margaret', my only much loved daughter."

p118. Photo. Ken commented of the rose 'Daughter Margaret' that it is "the only rose I have ever seen that begins to flower in November usually with double peach fragrant blooms without a break until early June." In his registration paper Ken describes it as a China from 'Mutabilis', with 'Cornelia' as the probable pollen parent. this is an interesting breeding from a rosarian's perspective as 'Cornelia' is a Hybrid Musk rose with a tall habit and is often grown as a small climber, while 'Mutabilis' is single and various shades of pink. 'Daughter Margaret' shows none of the characteristics of either parental rose. 'Daughter Margaret' is a soft apricot pink, small growing and a quite fragile growth habit. Both 'Cornelia' and 'Mutabilis' I would describe as 'thugs'. However the advised breeding of this rose is not gospel. In another newsletter in 1985 he describes the breeding of 'Daughter Margaret' as from 'Mutabilis' and 'Cecile Brunner'. This, to me, seems a more likely cross than 'Cornelia and 'Mutabilis', simply because of the shape of the bud and bloom. Whatever its breeding, it's certainly a lovely rose with a very long flowering period. It is small and twiggy in the style of the China rose, but its flowers delight the eye with its subtle charm of blush apricot pink fading to white. It has a slight fragrance.
Magazine  (2007)  Page(s) 46. Vol 21, No. 3.  
Lloyd Chapman. The Best of Ken Nobbs Roses.
'Daughter Margaret' is a Shrub-Climber with small apricot-peach buds that fade quickly as they open, eventually aging to white. The small double blooms (4cm) are plentiful, borne in clusters, and very recurrent. Registered in 1985, the seed parent is given as R. chinensis mutabilis. The pollen parent is probably 'Cornelia'. The rose is named for his daughter. Sadly, it has no fragrance.
Newsletter  (1991)  Page(s) 24-25. Vol 12, No. 2.  
Ken Nobbs: ....while 'Daughter Margaret' is the only rose I have ever seen that, beginning to flower in November, usually has double peach fragrant blooms without a break until early June. It is a cross with the Hybrid Musk rose 'Cornelia'. It however does not show 'Mutabilis' characteristics, and fades out to white, is difficult to propagate, and does not do well on Multiflora stock.
Newsletter  (1990)  Page(s) 21-22. Vol 11, No. 1.  
Ken Nobbs: Using seeds from Rosa chinensis Mutabilis, one of my favourites, I have had some pleasant seedlings resulting with a capacity to flower several times a season. One of these I have named 'Daughter Margaret', a cross, probably, from 'Cornelia' flowering in juxtaposition to 'Mutabilis'; it flowers from November to late June without failing to have blooms every day of that period. Unhappily it does not grow easily from cuttings and deteriorates on Multiflora stock.
Newsletter  (1987)  Page(s) 5-11. Vol 8, No. 1.  
Ken Nobbs: One China rose I have had registered as 'Daughter Margaret' has distinguished itself by never being without blooms on the bush from October right through to mid June when I am writing.
Newsletter  (1986)  Page(s) 18-23. Vol 7, No. 3.  
Ken Nobbs: 'Daughter Margaret' (registered). Peach passing to pink and fading to white. 2 to 6 blooms per cluster. 48 petals. Blooming monthly - October to July. 'Mutabilis' x ?'Cornelia'.
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