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'Granada' rose Reviews & Comments
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most recent 4 MAY 18 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 4 MAY 18 by Yankee Doodle Stevie
Despite our family growing roses since this was new and I wasn't even a thought, I don't think we ever had Granada till last year. I found it in a tube from a now closed Sam's Club. Despite attacks from the deer, it has taken off and flowered quite well during it's first two years. And the smell is everything it is cracked up to be. Fruity, but in a different way from Sutter's Gold. (With far better lasting flowers.) I bought it to fill a multi-color spot that an old Broadway had previously passed from. It's picked up the mantle well, and as an extra bonus I found a single lone Broadway at HD to plant elsewhere.
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most recent 6 OCT 17 SHOW ALL
Initial post 18 JAN 12 by goncmg
Have grown this rose in central valley California and now 6a, Columbus. Every year I fall a little more out of love with it. It is quite unique, the petals are uniquely ruffled, the foliage is olive green and also basically ruffled, it is a bicolor/multicolor with a heavy scent. 48 years ago this was a hallmark. I had to create a "sick zone" this year in my yard (all in huge terracotta pots, sleep in the garage) mostly because of Granada and the fact it and it alone got disfiguring mildew, AGAIN, which I could not clear regardless of what I tried. Another one that back in the 70's was re-classified for years as a GR due to the fact it generally blooms in clusters if not pannicles. I'm just losing enthusiasm for this one and feel it over-rated and resting on its reputation that was gained years ago and before better bi-multi colors with scent appeared. If you have heard of it and wanted to try it likely it is worth the gamble if no more than so you can just say you tried what is basically a "legend." If Secret or Double Delight (its child) strike your fancy, by all means, walk on by..........its rating has fallen notably in the past decade or so, and although still in the "very good" range, I expect it to keep falling...........
Reply #1 of 4 posted 29 APR 14 by Matt's North Texas Rose Garden (Archive)
Agree about Double Delight, terrible, but now does much better in FL on Fortuniana
... but Secret is quite nice and is AMAZING out at my Aunts place in the west Texas high plains.
Reply #2 of 4 posted 29 APR 14 by goncmg
Oh gosh, I think Secret is GREAT! I was suggesting Secret and even DD as an alternative to Granada which I find to be more and more problematic and when my ol' plant ages out, I will not replace it.
Reply #3 of 4 posted 6 OCT 17 by BenT_TX
In my opinion, while Secret and Double Delight are excellent and worthwhile varieties, they are very dissimilar to Granada, and not a suitable replacement. Granada is still quite a unique jewel-toned color combination, at different times you will find red, pink, orange, apricot , copper and yellow...a wonderful kaleidoscope of a bush. It produces a prodigious number of especially elegant buds on long straight single stems, beautiful for both garden display and Cut flowers. It has a very nice old rose fragrance. I understand it has propensity to mildew, but if you live in an area where that’s not a problem, or keep up the spray program, this is still a most uniquely fabulous and indispensable rose.
Reply #4 of 4 posted 6 OCT 17 by Nastarana
I love 'Granada' also, for the changing colors and for the fragrance, but I think it needs a warm and fairly dry climate. I think of it as a late 20thC Pernetiana, in behavior if not in lineage.
Discussion id : 47-724
most recent 1 SEP 10 SHOW ALL
Initial post 28 AUG 10 by roseluv
Hi hmf friends,
I'd been using the hmf search for various roses, for 20 minutes or so, when suddenly the photos stopped appearing, both when first arriving at the rose page, & again when, after using "photo" tab, pressing the thumbnail photos ( which do appear ). I haven't ever encountered this before. The photos on gardenweb are working fine. What appears in place of the picture, is the frame of the enlarged photo box, with the name of the rose at the top, & a small question mark at the center. Hope my info made sense!
Thanks in advance for your help - & for being the wonderful resource site that you are!
Warm Regards,
Sherry Morey, aka roseluv
Reply #1 of 1 posted 1 SEP 10 by HMF Admin
Thank you for your financial support; the kudos; and your taking the time to contact us about this problem.

We're sure by now you've found the problem has been resolved.

We are always working on HMF to add improvements and sometimes we can create new problems without realizing it. We are very grateful when a site guest takes time out to contact us about a problem or to make suggestions for new features or improvements.

Thanks again.
Discussion id : 31-018
most recent 18 OCT 08 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 18 OCT 08 by Carlene
Does anyone know how this rose performs when grown on its own roots? When it is grafted it does good for 1-2 years then after that it hardly blooms - got maybe 6 blooms this year. Also the blooms don't last the longest either.
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