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'Rosa harisonii' rose References
Website/Catalog  (27 Jul 2011)  
Rosa ‘Harrisonii’
‘Harrisonii’ is a shrubby, spring flowering rose, very fragrant, bearing its cupped, semi-double yellow flowers on a neat, upright bush, more robust than ‘William’s Yellow’.  [Paul (1848, 1863, 1888, 1903), Rivers (1854, 1857, 1863)].
 Horticultural & Botanical History
Bred in New York in 1836 from a cross between R. spinosissima, the Scotch rose and R. foetida, the Austrian Briar.
 History at Camden Park
Arrived from Veitch’s Nursery, Chelsea on Dec, 31st, 1859 on board the ‘Hollinside’ but dead on arrival.  For more detail see Rosa ‘Ducher’.
Book  (Aug 2002)  Page(s) 46.  
Harison's Yellow
Hybrid Foetida 1830
Rated 8.2
Book  (2001)  Page(s) 48.  
Harison's Yellow Hybrid Foetida, deep yellow, 1830. Rating: 8.2
Book  (Apr 1999)  Page(s) 170-171.  
Harison's Yellow ('Harisonii', 'Hogg's Yellow') Hybrid foetida. Harison, ca. 1824. Parentage: conjecturally from Rosa foetida x R. pimpinellifolia. The author cites information from different sources... Flower soft gold and yellow, semi-double... Golden yellow... Do not prune it, except to take out dead canes... This very beautiful yellow, and in fact the only yellow rose of this character that I have seen worth cultivating, was grown by a Mr. Harrison [sic], near New York, about twenty years ago, and is evidently a seedling from the Yellow Austrian... Raised from seed by the late Geo. Harrison [sic, Esq., of New-York, from whom I [William Prince] received the first plant he parted with, in exchange for a Camellia Aitoni... Numerous seedlings have been raised from this variety, but all that have come under my notice have proved very similar, or inferior to it...
Website/Catalog  (4 Jan 1999)  Page(s) 126.  Includes photo(s).
Article (newsletter)  (Oct 1998)  Page(s) 28.  Includes photo(s).
[This article previously appeared in the Detroit Rose Society's "Rose Lore" and is an excellent source for a great deal of information abuot this rose.] Bred around 1830 in the Lower West Side of Manhattan by George Folliott Harison, or possibly his father Richard, (both wealthy New York lawyers with a strong interest in gardening)...
Harison's Yellow It is a tetraploid rose with 28 chromosomes. Pollen can be used from it or crosses can be made on to it successfully. In most cases, pollen is commonly used. Perhaps that is because germination of see from R. spinosissima and its hybrids can be difficult....Self-pollinated seedling rarely possess as deep of yellow flowers as its parent. And hybrid between other roses may be sterile.
Book  (1995)  Page(s) 155.  Includes photo(s).
Book  (Sep 1993)  Page(s) 210-211.  Includes photo(s).
Harison's Yellow (Rosa harisonii) Shrub. Parentage: R. spinosissima x R. foetida. Mr. Harison raised this rose in 1830 on his suburban estate on the Lower West Side of Manhattan. Description... it is covered in spring with cupped, soft yellow blooms...
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