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'Alpengrüss' rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 8 NOV 17 by Puns 'n' Roses
This file needs to be merged with the real Alpengruss, or Alpengruß. The dots on the "u" are just a typo apparently commonly made.
Reply #1 of 5 posted 8 NOV 17 by Patricia Routley
Sorry, I don't understand. What real Alpengruss?
Reply #2 of 5 posted 9 NOV 17 by Jay-Jay
I understand, from what Puns writes, that Alpengruss/Alpengruß IS the real name for this rose. When the plant-name was in plural, it would be Alpengrüsse, with the two dots on the "u".
I called Noack and they asked me to send an email about this, so I did so.
See, how they will react.
Mr. Charles Quest Ritson already wrote about this issue. See comments for this rose.
Reply #3 of 5 posted 9 NOV 17 by Puns 'n' Roses
Ah yes, thanks Jay-Jay for making it clear. I just assumed HMF to have another file for Alpengruß or Alpengruss based on the previous comments. I should have searched first. Sorry.
Reply #4 of 5 posted 10 NOV 17 by Jay-Jay
We'll just have to wait and see, how the company Noack reacts.
And if the admin. allows to correct the name.
Reply #5 of 5 posted 31 JAN 18 by Jay-Jay
No reaction at all (until now) from Noack, after I wrote them this message at 2017-11-9:

"Guten Morgen,
Es läuft eine Diskussion auf die Rosenwebseite Help Me Find, ob die Die Name einer (in der Vergangenheit von Werner Noack gezüchteten) Rose sich schreibt als:
- A: 'Alpengrüss'
- B: 'Alpengruss'
- C: 'Alpengruß'
Der link zu dieser Diskussion ist:
Sehen Sie bitte auch, was Herr Charles Quest Ritson schrieb.
Gerne Ihre Reaktion... vielleicht am besten auf die Webseite selber?

Mit freundlichem Gruß, ......."

I enclosed name, telephone-number and email-address.
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Initial post 16 JUL 15 by Charles Quest-Ritson
Is this Noack's 'Alpengruss' of 1974? If so, I have some pictures that I would like to upload. But first you will have to add a fuller description. Please could you let me know?
Reply #1 of 5 posted 17 JUL 15 by Patricia Routley
Added as much as I can find. Your photos will be welcome
Reply #2 of 5 posted 17 JUL 15 by Bernhard
'Alpengrüss' is wrong and makes no sense.
It is correctly 'Alpengruß'

Reply #3 of 5 posted 17 JUL 15 by Charles Quest-Ritson
Agreed, but for an English-speaking website it would be best described as 'Alpengruss'. CQ-R.
Reply #4 of 5 posted 20 JUL 15 by Charles Quest-Ritson
I have now uploaded a couple of pictures. Would it be a good idea, now, to close this correspondence please? It seems to have run its course. CQ-R.
Reply #5 of 5 posted 21 JUL 15 by Patricia Routley
Bernard - I tried adding Alpengruß as a synonym but the database said it was already listed.

Charles - Comments are never actually "closed". One may reply to a comment added years ago if more data comes to light on the subject in question.
I like to start my day with a coffee and the Q and A forum (under RESOURCES in the left hand column). All recent comments and questions are there for the world to see and replies are often generated sharing insights and expertise.

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