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'Iceberg' rose Reviews & Comments
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most recent 21 MAY 19 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 21 MAY 19 by Ms.Lefty
I stopped at a local nursery today to see if they happened to have a variety of ornamental grass that I wanted. Just outside the nursery, growing against a fence, was a gorgeous white climbing rose. It had thick, vigorous canes with glossy leaves and large, fierce prickles. The petals had a full, old-fashioned form, and the flowers smelled lemony to me. My first guess as to its ID was Mme. Alfred Carriere, which I used to grow. I asked the people working at the nursery if they knew which rose it was, and their consensus was that it was "Iceberg" - which, incidentally, seems to be the only white climber that particular nursery sells. The ones for sale didn't look much like the older plant.
The Iceberg plant in my garden is very young, so I can't compare it to the one at the nursery. But those prickles ... they were as bad as the ones on "Westerland." I had always head that Iceberg had few prickles. In his E-zine article, Kim Rupert writes: "Iceberg varies a fair amount, and not least in fragrance. Most doesn't impress me at all, but once I found some that was exceptionally potent...You'll also notice it can be extremely variable concerning the quantity and type of prickles each plant arms itself with." So I guess it's possible that this lovely old specimen could be Iceberg, but I have my doubts. I'll have to compare it to my little plant as it grows up.
Discussion id : 105-225
most recent 1 SEP 17 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 1 SEP 17 by jeffbee
this rose has only mild fragrance, other than a strong one.
the fogliage is clean and semi glossy, the flower repeats fast.
Discussion id : 91-127
most recent 25 FEB 16 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 25 FEB 16 by raingreen
Member ratings show "good +" for heat tolerance but IMO heat tolerance is outstanding. In my area (Pomona, east of L. A.) there are usually a couple of 100+ heat waves each summer which cause most roses' foliage to go off-color. Iceberg is one of the cast-iron types that remain healthy looking. It is true plants flower better in cool weather.

Another plus is the plants remain clean and healthy in winter, when most roses here look cruddy. I've never seen rust altho I have seen powdery mildew on the pedicels. Sometimes plants give a full, springlike flush of bloom in mid-winter.

edit to add: it's true plants are smaller-flowered in heat.
Discussion id : 86-597
most recent 15 JUL 15 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 15 JUL 15 by darksome
I got this beauty from my old home where I was raised as a child. It's my grandmothers rose (a really big lover of roses), old at least 10 years, so I was pretty sad to see that it lost almost all it's foliage when I replanted it. Luckily for my joy to have such a beautiful memory of my grandmother in my garden, the rose started to grow new leaves. It passed almost three months from replanting and the rose has already more than 35 buds, that will bloom this season. Now I will always remember all the happy moments with my grandma, when smelling this glorious rose in my garden.
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