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'Forstmeisters Heim' rose References
Article (magazine)  (2006)  Page(s) 7.  
In 1996 at Professor Fineschi's Roseto di Cavriglia, I found two gigantic old specimens of Eurydice and Forstmeisters Heim growing almost side by side in the section of the Setigera hybrids....
Book  (2003)  Page(s) 60.  
Geschwind's Hybrids of Hardy European Roses...
'Forstmeister's Heim' (Geschwind, 1886). Description.
Book  (Apr 1999)  Page(s) 281.  
Forstmeisters Heim trans. "Forest-Ranger's Home", Geschwind, 1886. ...Unmuth records this as a hybrid between a Bourbon and Rosa pendulina.
Book  (1980)  Page(s) 62.  
(from: Möller’s Deutsche Gärtner-Zeitung 1886, p. 66-67)
Rud. Geschwind sent us last autumn 13 different climbers under the name „Hungarian Climbers“ to bring into commerce and thus have them tested by roselovers…
Forstmeister Heim: Hybrid between a Bourbon and an Alpine rose. Vigorous growth, with thick, smooth, strongly armed canes; dense foliage, blooms in clusters, medium size, very nice flat cup form, well filled. Vivid crimson, a colouring which does not yet exist among climbers. Hardy shrub and excellent when planted on a sunny wall under light blooming climbers.
Book  (1936)  Page(s) 273.  
Forstmeister's Heim (Hybrid Setigera) Geschwind 1886; vivid crimson, medium-size, double, cup-form, cluster-flowered, growth 9/10, climbing
Magazine  (1911)  Page(s) 247.  
About 20 years ago a seedling as a three-yer old plant bloomed with 5 petals; I dug it out and planted it at the fence of my garden, and after two years I discovered that this shrub bloomed floriferously and with very double blooms, for this reason I brought it into commerce under the name of Forstmeister Heim. A mistake is totally out of the question.
In the year 1909 I found among my multiflora seedlings one which had such a striking colouring, deep purple-brown, so that I labeled it firmly with a zinc label. Behold, in 1910 on this shrub developped a small semi-double rose, which had only a crimson colouring; also all other blooms were exactly so filled and coloured....Forest warden Rudolf Geschwind +
Magazine  (1908)  Page(s) 133.  
Geschwinds first sorts were Premier essai 1866, Dr. Hurta 67, Aurelia Liffa (a macrantah-variety) 86, Forstmeister Heim 86, Fatinitza 86, Erinnerung an Brod 86, Erlkönig 86, Kleiner Postillon 86, Lios Alpha 86, Mercedes 86, Ännchen von Tharau 86, Loreley 87, Meteor 87, Mermaid 87, Schloss Lueg 87, Tartarus, Gilda 87, Virago 87, Esmeralda 88, Erinnerung an meine Mutter 88, Herzblättchen 89, Zigeunerblut 90, Elbfex 90, Anna Scharsach 90, Theano 94, Himmelsauge 95, Erinnerung an Schloss Scharfenstein 1902, Wenzel Geschwind 02, and
Book  (1906)  Page(s) 61.  
4.006. Forstmeister's Heim, Setigera, Geschwindt 1886 cramoisi
Book  (1902)  Page(s) 160.  
Rosa setigera...
6193. Forstmeister Heim (Geschwindt 1886) carmin
Magazine  (1900)  Page(s) 83.  
Forstmeisters Heim. Very often one reads Forstmeister Heim, which is an erroneous spelling. The hungarian forest ranger R. Geschwind named it Forstmeisters Heim [Forest ranger's home] in remembrance of his earlier stay (his service home). The rose is thus not dedicated to a Mr. Heim.
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