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'Soroptimist International' rose References
Magazine  (2014)  Page(s) 43.  Includes photo(s).
Prestige Plants advertisement
Soroptimist International (Benstar). Pink blend. Flowers shrimp pink and ivory, with a hint of yellow. 5cm diameter. Large, high-centred, quilled bloom form. Tall, very good health.
Website/Catalog  (2013)  
'Benstar', Min, pb, 1995, (Soroptimist International, 'Astra', 'Little Star Rose', 'The Soroptimist Rose'), [Party Girl × Rosie], Benardella, Frank A.; flowers shrimp pink and ivory, opening to star shape, large, very dbl., high-centered, borne singly and in clusters, slight fragrance; recurrent; foliage large, dark green, glossy; prickles no; tall (24in.), upright, bushy growth

The Soroptimist Rose, C. & K. Jones
Little Star Rose, Ludwig's Roses
Astra, Bell Roses, Ltd., 1994
Magazine  (2012)  
p27 Doug Grant. Review of Newer Roses for the 2011-2012 Season.
'Soroptimist International '(Benstar) Breeder: Benardella 1994. Parentage: 'Party Girl' x 'Rosie'. Creamy pink blend. Garden: 6.5. Exhibition: 7.5. Height Medium - Tall. Health: 7.5. Fragrance: 6.0.
Northland: Like this rose, has a well shaped bloom but the foliage is a bit large. Bay of Plenty: Blooms in large trusses of exhibition form.

p34 Doug Grant. Final Analysis for 2012 .
'Soroptimist International' (Benstar) Benardella 1994. Miniature. Parentage: 'Party Girl' x 'Rosie'. Health: 7.2 (very good). Fragrance: 4.1 (some). Reports: 13. Plants: 15. Garden: 6.7. Exhibition: 6.8. Height: Medium-Tall. Plants have large sized classically shaped blooms that are creamy pink in colour. The blooms make a good show in the garden and are liked by exhibitors. Plant growth habit can tend to be spreading.
Magazine  (2011)  Page(s) 29.  
Doug Grant. Review of Newer Roses for the 2010-2011 Season.
'Soroptimist International' (Benstar) Breeder: Benardella 1994. Parentage: 'Party Girl' x 'Rosie'. Creamy pink blend. Garden: 6.8. Exhibition: 7.0. Height: Medium. Health: 7.0. Fragrance: 2.0. Northland: A large mini, colour is good, flower is of top exhibition standard, foliage is bit large for the bloom. Bay of Plenty: Exhibition form, whippy growth, every branch needs support, blooms in clusters.
Magazine  (2010)  Page(s) 23.  
Doug Grant. Review of Newer Roses for the 2009-2010 Season.
'Soroptimist International' (Benstar). Creamy pink blend. Parentage: 'Party Girl' x 'Rosie' Breeder: Benardella 1994. Garden: 6.5. Exhibition: 6.0. Height: Medium to Tall. Health: 7.0. Fragrance: 4.8.
Northland: Good exhibition bloom, beautiful colour, leaves a bit big. Bay of Plenty: Border rose, patio size, exhibition blooms, slow to repeat. Hastings: Good garden variety, lovely crisp colours.
Book  (2009)  Page(s) 130.  
Doug Grant. Review of the Newer Roses for the 2008-2009 Season
'Soroptomist International'. (BENstar) Benardella: 3 Reports: 4 Plants: Garden 6.9, Exhibition 6.7: Medium/Tall. Health 7.1: Fragrance 3.7: Creamy pink blend. Northland: Very good exhibition bloom but foliage is a bit too big for us, still a very nice rose. BOP: Nice blooms of creamy white with orange/red edge, untidy growing habit. Manawatu: Grown this for years, its flowers always attract, classic shape, spreading growth.
Book  (2007)  Page(s) 131.  
Doug Grant. Review of the Newer Roses for the 2006-2007 Season.
'Soroptomist International' (BENstar) Benardella. 3 reports: 4 Plants: Garden 7.0, Exhibition 7.0: Medium height: Health 7.2: Fragrance 4.2: Northland: grows well, flowers a little large for showing and opens a bit cup and saucer shape. BOP: spreading growth habit, good exhibiting blooms, mainly large stems, good repeat. Manawatu: flowers on the larger size for exhibiting, striking colour.
Article (misc)  (Jul 2002)  Page(s) 7.  
Soroptimist International
Book  (2000)  Page(s) 93.  
‘Astra’/BENstar/’Little Star Rose’/’Soroptimist International’ = Miniature. Rose crevette et ivoire, ses petites fleurs parfumées arrangent en étoile leur quarantaine de pétales. Il leur arrive de mal s’ouvrir et de tomber sans s’épanouir... grand buisson sans épines, anguleux, à port étalé... Il craint le froid qui peut faire dépérir ses rameaux. Sa sensibilité à l’oïdium appelle des traitements réguliers en période de végétation active. Benardella, USA, 1995.
Book  (1999)  Page(s) 93.  
'Astra'. BENstar. Syns: 'Little Star Rose', 'Soroptomist International'. Modern, Miniature, medium pink, repeat-flowering. 'Astra' has shrimp pink and ivory flowers with more than 40 petals. The fragrant blooms are star shaped. Sometimes they do not open properly and can just drop off the bush. The foliage is large, dark and glossy green on a tall, upright plant with no prickles. It has a very angular and spreading growth habit, and produces lots of branching which enhances the number of clustered sprays. The plant is not winter hardy and can suffer from die-back. It is also susceptible to mildew and needs some protection during the growing season. Zones 6-11. Benardella, USA 1995. 'Party Girl' x 'Rosie'.
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