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'Gebrüder Grimm ®' rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 28 JUN by TeresaB
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Initial post 7 APR 11 by jnmccool
I have had BGF in my south Louisiana garden for three years now. Granted, it got chewed down to a nub by our puppy in its first year so it's amazing that it's still alive, but it continues to struggle two years later. It gets lots of sun where it is, but I did not feed it last year b/c it looked so sickly I was afraid it would kill it. It was planted in a well blended hole and I thought it should have plenty of readily available nutrients at least through the second year. It's not looking much better this spring - already covered in black spot - should I feed it? Anything in particular? Should I move it to a pot? I feel like it needs some help.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 2 FEB 12 by kona
My friend and I have had the same experience with this rose....our's are own root and struggling after 2 years of care. I'm going to purchase a grafted rose next.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 29 AUG 18 by Michael Garhart
If Grimm is anything like its close relative, Aprikola, for me, it's possibly really bad cercospora or anthracnose. I gave up on Aprikola during its 2nd year for this exact reason, and never bothered with Grimm because its too close of a relation to Aprikola for comfort.
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Initial post 25 SEP 14 by Chris in West Virginia
My Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale has thrown several long canes this summer. This is the second growing season for this bush. The first season it did throw a few long canes, but only about 3 feet in length. This year the bush has about 5 canes as long as 6+ feet . Those canes only flowered on the tips.

I take it that this is NOT the normal growth habit for this variety? It is sprawling out and taking up so much space that I'm going to have to move it since it is now encroaching on a Pumpkin Patch Rose, which is planted near it.

Thanks for your help.

Reply #1 of 10 posted 25 SEP 14 by HMF Admin
Thanks for sharing your experience.
Reply #3 of 10 posted 25 SEP 14 by Chris in West Virginia
You're welcome.
Reply #2 of 10 posted 25 SEP 14 by Jay-Jay
The canes You describe as 6footers, did they grow this season, or was part of it of last year?
In other words: Did You prune last years' canes?
If not, You might have found a sport!
When You have the patience to wait till next year, those canes will most likely produce laterals, that will flower.
Reply #4 of 10 posted 25 SEP 14 by Chris in West Virginia
Hi Jay-Jay,

Those longer arching canes grew this year after I had pruned the bush in the spring (late March/early April).

I'm going to have to move Brother's Grimm next spring because it is covering a Pumpkin Patch on one side and a perennial Hibiscus on the other.

I'll try to upload a photo over the weekend.

Thanks for your help!

Reply #5 of 10 posted 26 SEP 14 by Jay-Jay
You're welcome! I'll look forward to Your photo's.
PS: A Pumpkin Patch is a patch of soil on which pumpkins grow? Or is it a plant?
Reply #6 of 10 posted 27 SEP 14 by Chris in West Virginia
Apologies! I meant a "Pumpkin Patch" Rose. <grin> I should have been clearer. I didn't even give it a thought about the double meaning.
Reply #7 of 10 posted 27 SEP 14 by Jay-Jay
No apology needed, but I can't find that Rose on HMF.
I now understand/looked that up, that a Pumpkin Patch is a kind of a display of (different kinds of) pumpkins.
Reply #8 of 10 posted 27 SEP 14 by Chris in West Virginia
Here's the link to Pumpkin Patch here at HMF:
Reply #9 of 10 posted 27 SEP 14 by Jay-Jay
Thank You... As for color really a Patch of Pumpkin!
Reply #10 of 10 posted 27 SEP 14 by Chris in West Virginia
Hi Jay-Jay,

I like the color(s) on Pumpkin Patch, too. The various seasons play a hand in the exact coloring I get.

I uploaded three photos. I didn't realize the photos were listed under my screen name and not the Brothers Grimm entry. Sorry. You can view the pictures by clicking on my screen name above this post.
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Initial post 1 JUL 07 by Maurice REYBAUD
Rose GEBRUDER GRIMM : en France JOLI TAMBOUR ( Globe Planter )
Reply #1 of 1 posted 1 JUL 07 by Cass
Merci, Maurice.
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