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'Memoriam' rose References
Book  (Sep 1993)  Page(s) 283.  Includes photo(s).
Large-flowered. Indispensable for the exhibitor, as the softly scented flowers are very large and of most perfect form. Gordon Von Abrams (USA) 1962. Named in memory of his wife. Repeats. Fragrant. ('Blanche Mallerin' x 'Peace') x ('Peace' x 'Frau Karl Druchski')
Book  (Apr 1993)  Page(s) 374.  
Memoriam Hybrid Tea, pastel pink to nearly white, 1961, ('Blanche Mallerin' x 'Peace') x ('Peace' x 'Frau Karl Druschki'); Abrams, Von. Description.
Book  (1988)  Page(s) 134.  Includes photo(s).
Book  (1988)  Page(s) 135.  
Memoriam Description... susceptible to black spot...
Book  (1972)  Page(s) 92.  
R. T. Hamilton. Winter Pruning. ….An eighteen inch length cut off ‘Queen Elizabeth’ or ‘Carla’ might not be enough, whereas the same length from ‘Memoriam’ would perhaps be most of the plant!
Book  (1969)  
p75-5 Harry Murray, NSW …. stand up particularly well to wet conditions in contrast to the thin rather soft petals in cultivars of the ‘Memoriam’ or ‘Royal Highness’ type, which not only mark badly, but also tend to stick together and rot during periods of prolonged rain.

p128-4 Split Centres. …Mr. Walter Duncan, South Australia. ….while ‘Memoriam’ in the dry 1967 season, yielded flowers which were almost all split.

p130-4 Mr. R. J. Bell, Victoria. There are plenty of others which produce occasional split centres including ‘Memoriam’ and… to name a few but these cultivars are no worse than hundreds of others and are mentioned simply because I happen to grow them.

p130-8 ibid. Many of our full petalled roses have petals of very thin texture. ‘Memoriam’ is an example and I consider that the petals are more easily diverted or doubled back to produce this quartering effect.
Book  (1967)  Page(s) 217.  
‘Memoriam’ HT. light pink, white to very pale luminous pink. (G. J. Von Abrams; int. Peterson and Dering 61). ARA ’62; PP 5, Rpts 2,188. NR (497) 7.8; Av. NR 7.8 Ht. m.
Its short, stubby canes do not complement the classic flowers it supports. It is an intermittent producer of high-centred, well formed, exhibition-type blooms that can win ribbons when cut at the right stage. It is disease resistant but needs extra protection in cold weather and would be rated much high if grown on a good bush.
Book  (1967)  
p103-2 David Ruston. (in Tasmania] ‘Memoriam’ and ‘Royal Highness’ had excellent colour for the spring….

p135-1 Dr. H. R. Elphick. WA Many of our pinks provide complete satisfaction with their wide variety of pastel shades – in Kordes Perfecta, Silver Lining, Memoriam and Anne Letts, we have indeed been favoured by the hybridists in the past.

p148-10 ‘Carla’ Probably the best of the 1966 imports. It is a soft pink with good form, being darker than both ‘Royal Highness’ and ‘Memoriam’ consequently it does not mark so easily.
Book  (1966)  Page(s) 226.  
‘Memoriam’. In most areas growers complain of the poor plant selected for this excellent show rose. The bush is short and stubby, requiring average care and must have winter cover. The flower is high centred with good form and substance; however it has a tendency to ball in damp weather. It is an intermittent bloomer and most sum it up as “a good rose on a poor bush”.
Book  (1965)  
p160-2 New Rose Patents. 2280. ‘Memoriam’ HT. Issued to Gordon J. VonAbrams, Portland, Ore., September 10, 1963

p225-4 ‘Memoriam’. Out of some 400 reports this year, about 90 per cent say this rose is pink instead of white. According to rumors it will be changed as to color classification. A short stubby bush with dark green foliage producing exhibition-type bloom. Reproduction is slow and in cool, damp weather it will split and ball. Many say it is a good rose on a poor plant. Needs average protection.
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