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'Oklahoma' rose References
Book  (Dec 1998)  Page(s) 437.  
Oklahoma Description... very dark red flowers with high centers and excellent symmetry... It does best in temperate climates: too much heat will scorch the dark red blooms and too much cold will turn them magenta...
Book  (Apr 1993)  Page(s) 417.  
Oklahoma Hybrid Tea, dark red, 1964, 'Chrysler Imperial' x 'Charles Mallerin'; Swim & Weeks. Description.
Book  (Feb 1993)  Page(s) 201.  Includes photo(s).
Oklahoma Large-flowered hybrid tea. Parentage: 'Chrysler Imperial' x 'Charles Mallerin'. USA 1964. Description and cultivation. Flowers: a magnificent, dark red rose, one of the darkest bred... an excellent cut flower...
Book  (1993)  Page(s) 106.  
The seeds for 'Mister Lincoln' -- a cross of two famous reds, 'Chrysler Imperial' and 'Charles Mallerin' -- were thought to have died in a refrigeration accident. Somehow they survived. Among the roses produced from these seeds in 1964 were two of the finest reds ever, 'Oklahoma' and 'Mister Lincoln'...
Book  (Aug 1990)  Page(s) 100.  Includes photo(s).
Oklahoma Description... the most famous of the so-called black roses...
Article (misc)  (1980)  Page(s) 22.  
'Mister Lincoln', 'Oklahoma', and 'Papa Meilland'... [share] the same parentage ('Chrysler Imperial' x 'Charles Mallerin')
Book  (1971)  Page(s) 33.  
Herb Swim's Oklahoma and Mr. Lincoln are acceptable but not very good in this part of the world [British Isles], although they are near the top in America...
Book  (1970)  Page(s) 150.  
Dr. Thomas, [Victoria].  The New Ones.  
OkIahoma good in hot, dry, inland areas but very dull in colour in coastal climates.
Book  (1967)  
p27. Roy and Heather Rumsey, NSW. New Roses. 
Oklahoma (HT. Swim & Weeks) Good bud, somewhat ovoid in shape, opening to a fully double high centred flower of about 40 petals. Very dark fragrant red with good growth and good foliage. Not really new, but we did not have sufficient plants to report on it earlier. ('Chrysler Imperial' x 'Charles Mallerin').

p126. Dr. A. S. Thomas, New Roses in Victoria. 
Oklahoma, HT. (Swim, 1964) 'Chrysler Imperial' x 'Charles Mallerin'. Very dark red blooms of excellent form, especially after the first Spring flush, when it can be coarse. Very vigorous.
Book  (1966)  
p112. Dr. A. S. Thomas. New Roses in Victoria.
'Mister Lincoln'..... Not as dark as 'Oklahoma' and 'Papa Meilland, - it is less prone to mildew than the latter.

p113. Dr. A. S. Thomas. New Roses in Victoria. 
Oklahoma HT.  (Swim, 1965) 'Chrysler Imperial' x 'Charles Mallerin'. One of the best dark red roses - fuller than 'Josephine Bruce', less mildew than 'Papa Meilland', darker than 'Mister Lincoln' and a little livelier in colour than 'Tassin' and 'Ellen Mary'. Gold Medal in Tokyo in 1963 when 'Mister Lincoln' ran second - the order was reversed in U.S.A. in the A.A.R.S. competition. Holds its form a long time. The centre is sometimes not sharply pointed. Strong perfume. Vigorous. Named for the raiser's home town.

p169 W. G. Treloar, Victoria.  Recent Introductions.  1966 Releases.  (advertisement)
Oklahoma HT.
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