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'Orleans' rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 22 FEB 09 by Jeff Britt
I am astonished to find no comments on this rose so far. This is one of the more important roses in the development of the polyanthas, and hence the floribundas. Exactly what the seedling was that was crossed with Mme. Norbert Levavasseur to create this rose has preoccupied my mind many times over the years. Unless I'm mistaken, In any case, from Orleans Rose come the sports (like Miss Edith Cavell, for example) that lead to red and orange red polyanthas and floribundas we enjoy today. Imagine the world of roses without them! I've always thought that Orleans Rose represented a kind of watershed in the history of modern roses. If I'm mistaken, I hope someone will take the moment to enlighten me.
Reply #1 of 6 posted 22 FEB 09 by HMF Admin

Unfortunately too many people view HMF as simply a "service" to look things up when its real intent is to be a globally accessible "tool" to collect and organize the insight and experience of all of us.

A nursery's description of a plant pales in comparison to the real-life experience of dozens of gardeners from diverse regions and climates.

Please people, be part of HMF. We provide the tools for you to do so and we fiercely protect your privacy. HMF is NOT about collecting marketing data.
Reply #3 of 6 posted 3 MAR 09 by Jeff Britt
I could not agree with you more. I think I have left too many comments and questions here trying to get those with experience to share what they know with all of us. Perhaps some people (all those "anonymous" folks) feel intimidated by the comments of the more obvious experts and think their experience and knowledge isn't sufficient to bother contributing. I have noticed this in every the plant and garden club I've ever joined -- most folks don't contribute what they know because they don't think they know enough. It's silly and wrong, of course. Experience isn't "inadequate" or "expert" -- it's experience, and all of it is worth sharing around. The beauty of this website is it provides the platform for the experiences of everyone to be shared and discussed. The website would be nothing without the contributions of its users. But with more user participation, this website would be so much richer!
Reply #5 of 6 posted 3 MAR 09 by HMF Admin

YOU GET IT ! Exactly!
Reply #2 of 6 posted 23 FEB 09 by Patricia Routley
Jeff, the 1947 American Rose Annual ,page 173 carries an extensive article on the Classification and Breeding of Polyantha Roses, as well as a listing of sports from the 'Orleans Rose'. I took branches of 'Orleans Rose' to a Heritage Roses meeting yesterday and people fell in love with it. A superb rose.
Reply #6 of 6 posted 9 MAR 09 by Jeff Britt
Thanks so much for the response to my comment. I will be sure to check out the article in the American Rose Annual -- I can find it at the library at Strybing Arboretum, I believe. Nice to know that folks till recognize not only it's sporting merits, but its simple beauty.
Reply #7 of 6 posted 1 OCT 12 by mtspace
I see this as an important rose, too. I think my attention was drawn to it first by being impressed when I saw it in a local rose garden.

After reading your comment I decided that I wanted to know how influential Orleans Rose was. I had noticed from some earlier work that Mme Norbert Levavasseur appeared in a lot of rose lineages. I learned that HMF finds 10,738 descendents of Orleans Rose in its database. It finds 10,941 descendants of Mme Norbert Levavasseur, the parent of Orleans Rose. So most of the parent's influence passed through Orleans Rose. Some other roses that might have at one time been considered important to rose breeding:

- Constance Spry 326
- Old Blush 610
- Mrs John Laing 2,992
- Reve d'Or 3,973
- Spartan 2,792
- Peace 6,113
- Independence 5,776
- Crimson Glory 9,624
- Robin Hood 10,276
- Soleil d'Or 12,269

So I think it is correct to consider Orleans Rose to be one of the most important and influential roses in the recorded history of rose breeding. I find it reassuring to know that it remains in commerce.

In considering these rankings, it seems to me that efforts over the last century have placed as top priority the effort to wring more blossoms out of the rose plant. Making them a pleasing red and/or yellow has been pretty important, too. Making the flowers large and well formed has been important, but perhaps a little less so. Remontance appears to be taken for granted. It's impossible to determine from this tiny scrap of work whether fragrance was also taken for granted or if it was simply neglected.
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