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'Red Smith's Parish' rose References
Website/Catalog  (8 Jun 2015)  
Registered Name: 'Red Smith's Parish'
ARS Approved Exhibition Name: Red Smith's Parish
T, rb, 1997, Manners, Dr. Malcolm; flowers small, color variable, dbl., borne in small clusters, slight fragrance; recurrent; foliage medium size, light green, semi-glossy; bushy, medium (4-6 ft.) growth
[sport of Smith's Parish]
Newsletter  (May 2015)  Page(s) 14. Vol 36, No. 3.  Includes photo(s).
Peter Holmes, President Bermuda Rose Society.
Red Smith's Parish Cuttings from branches of "Smith's Parish" bearing an all-red bloom were propagated by Basil Hall and Liesbeth Cooper and have produced only all-red or pink-to-red flowers for more than twenty years. As far as it is known, the red-flowering plants have never reverted to the white variety. As in all Chinas, colour deepens as blooms age.
Newsletter  (Feb 2014)  Page(s) 30.  
Jeff Wyckoff – Immediate Past President American Rose Society- USA. The 75th Bermuda Rose show.
Among the Mystery Roses, one of the more intriguing was ‘Smith’s Parish’.. Some of its blooms are vividly striped in varying degrees with red. More rarely, an entire bloom will be red, pink, or perhaps a combination of the two.” It is now classed by the ARS as ‘Fortune’s Five-Colored Rose’, which it apparently has not definitively proven to be. However, in the Bermuda Show, this variety was divided into ‘Smith’s Parish Red’ and ‘Smith’s Parish White’, the former being almost entirely red ....
Book  (2006)  Page(s) 88.  
"Red Smith's Parish" (sport of "Smith's Parish"]. T. Good reliable rebloom. Outstanding fragrance. Habit [diagram] 2. Manners, 1997. Provenance: Knopf]. This rose-red form of the found rose from Bermuda is the pinkish-red color of the occasional stripes in "Smith's Parish". Flowers are solid rose red, or they can be creamy white shading to rose red at the petal edges, flushing pink throughout, color depending on weather. This sport has occurred on many plants; our noted introducer is in keeping with the Combined Rose List
Book  (15 Oct 2001)  Page(s) 100.  
Marijke Peterich. The Preservation of Old Garden Roses in Bermuda.
"[Bermuda] Red Smith Parish". Cuttings from branches bearing all-red blooms have been propagated by Mr. Basil Hall and Mrs. Liesbeth Cooper and have produced only all-red or pink-to-red flowers for some years. Dr. Malcolm Manners indicates some·of his all-red plants have remained true and some have reverted to the white variety; not so in Bermuda.
Magazine  (Nov 1997)  Page(s) 35.  
Rose Registrations. Red Smith's Parish T. rb; Dr. Malcolm Manners, USA
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