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'Bright Boy' rose References
Article (misc)  (2008)  Page(s) un.  
Bright Boy HT lp 1948 Parentage unknown Clark A.
Book  (1997)  Page(s) 87.  
In the first place, the people who knew him [Alister Clark] as adults are now mostly over eighty. In the second place, there are no real records. ..... Most of the descriptions are scanty in the extreme: ‘Bright Boy’ – dazzling red blooms, tall vigorous grower’ (Hazlewood’s catalogue 1941.) How many red roses would fit this description?
Newsletter  (1995)  Page(s) 19. Vol 4, No. 3.  
Bright Boy. HT 1941 Alister Clark.
Book  (1990)  Page(s) 140.  
T. R. Garnett. Alister Clark’s Roses. The following are the roses released by Alister Clark [in between 1938 to 1942] ‘Bright Boy’ and .........
Book  (1990)  
p119 Bright Boy. 1941. Everbl.

p123 Bright Boy. 1941.
Book  (1945)  Page(s) 79.  
Mr. S. J. Bisdee. Tasmanian Rose Notes. During the summer, I was able to water only one bed freely from a pond with a hand pump, and here I got good blooms. Mr. Clark’s Bright Boy in particular, appreciated this attention and showed how beautiful it could be when well grown. It is a lovely garden Rose and made a very bright patch in the bed.
Book  (1944)  Page(s) 86.  
Mr. S. J. Bisdee. Roses in Tasmania. This is also a much improved thing. Its colour is splendid – as bright a thing as one could wish. It needs to be well-grown or it is inclined to be a head-hanger. If we ever get a decent growing season again it will be a very pleasing thing.
Book  (1943)  
p56 W. G. Randell, Some Alister Clark Roses in a Perth Garden. Bright Boy is well and truly named. It is of a dazzling rich red colour and the buds are perfectly formed, opening to a compact and perfect formation. It makes amazing growth and stems two feet long are common with this prolific grower. The Rose is first-class and ranks high amongst the classy red Roses of which there are a large number.

p84 Mr. S. J. Bisdee. Tasmanian Roses. Bright Boy. A beautiful bit of bright red colouring. Blooms are smallish so far and stems rather weak. A tall healthy plant, with clean foliage. Colour good both in spring and autumn.
Book  (1942)  Page(s) 82.  
Mr. S. J. Bisdee. Tasmanian Roses. Bright Boy. Grew very well under difficult circumstances and gave a few blooms of a very bright red. Small foliage, but very clean.
Book  (1941)  Page(s) 95.  
Editor [T. A. Stewart]. Roses of Australia and New Zealand. Bright Boy. H.T. (Alister Clark, 1941). Most brilliant red at ‘Glenara’, healthy and makes a strong bush.
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