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'Robusta' rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 2 DEC by Plazbo
Just something of note, given the lack of seedlings via seed, did notice an OP hip on my plant that had matured which is odd since they usually don't even swell up and I somehow completely missed it until it was orange/ripe. Looks to be around 35 seed. See what happens in a few months when sown.
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Initial post 27 APR 14 by Michael Garhart
I'd strongly recommend Linda Campbell over Robusta any day. The former lacks the NASTY (yes, you will get cut. I did) thorns, the incredibly vertical growth habit, and the black spot defoliation of the latter. This was a rose I had strong regret over. It starts out looking quite nice, and it matures into a rose made of razors and awkward growth.
Reply #1 of 6 posted 29 APR 14 by Palustris
I gave my 'Robusta' to a friend who wasn't concerned about the black spot defoliation. If this is used in a mixed border of perennials and woody shrubs it adds considerable color when in bloom and disappears when out of bloom.
Reply #2 of 6 posted 29 APR 14 by Michael Garhart
Yeah, I think that is doable. If for a specimen, I'd go for Linda Campbell. The stems are fuzzy lol.
Reply #3 of 6 posted 29 SEP 18 by Plazbo
"It starts out looking quite nice"

I can agree with this bit, being new to my collection this year and approaching it's first blooms in the next week or I'll feel when the blackspot kicks in (in 5 or 6 months...hurray australia with summer temps that kill blackspot!). I'm not sure I agree on the thorns yet, they don't seem any worse than other rugosa (or hulmethia...I think those can be savage). I do have a lot of thorny things though...a lot of plants not too far from one species or another.
Reply #4 of 6 posted 29 SEP 18 by Michael Garhart
Oh, give it time. It develops prickles in the same manner as the Grootendorst clan. I tolerated the rose for 4 years simply because it was in a place I didn't want to water. I had Robusta, Fred Loads, and Golden Wings lined up in a row in a dry area. They thrived quite well. But Robusta became a nightmare to maintain, so it went after 4 years. Then Fred Loads went because it ages very poorly and blooms on a pillar above eye level. Golden Wings stayed for over a decade, and the only reason it was removed was because it was time to landscape that area with modern types, pathways, brick edges, landscape fabric, and cedar chips.

I had Linda Campbell since it came out, and it was only removed 2 years ago for landscaping reasons. MUCH easier to maintain. If one can't locate that, there are newer landscape reds. I like Miracle on the Hudson, Milano, Ruby Meidiland, and Urban Legend, but I'm not sure what choices you have in Aus/Nz.
Reply #5 of 6 posted 21 MAY 19 by Plazbo
I'm starting to think whatever we have here as Robusta in Aus isn't the same as the USA. No blackspot to see at all and I have plenty of that around, the foliage is doing it's yellow autumn display along with the other rugosa and near hybrids so has remained clean the whole season. May be the different strains of spots at play or the multiflora root stock it's on doing something weird. Does seem to be triploid given the lack of hip set (unlike the other rugosas)'s odd how healthy its been given the comments on here.
Reply #6 of 6 posted 21 MAY 19 by Michael Garhart
It may have race resistance in AUS, but there is no way for me to know. It should still be deadly prickly and quite tall.
Discussion id : 65-512
most recent 2 JUL 12 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 2 JUL 12 by ptboise
Great, hardy rose in dry conditions (no black spot pressure). Always in bloom. I water deeply once a week in this high desert and it responds with non-stop blooms and beautiful foliage. As a single specimen, it draws the eye unlike most other roses (the color is similar to Altissimo). Very winter hardy (zone 6a), exposed to the wind.
Discussion id : 55-787
most recent 6 JUL 11 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 6 JUL 11 by Tomartyr
My apologies - I reported 'Kordes Robusta' as a missing plant, but now realise it is listed as 'Robusta'. As it is marketed in (at least) UK and New Zealand as 'Kordes Robusta', perhaps this could be added as a synonym?
Reply #1 of 1 posted 6 JUL 11 by HMF Admin
Yes, we can do that.
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