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'Rosa setipoda Rolfe, not Hemsley & Wilson' rose References
Article (misc)  (2005)  Page(s) 111, Table 5-1.  
R. hemsleyana : hexaploid
Book  (May 2003)  Includes photo(s).
Rosa setipoda Hemsley & E.H. Wilson
Rosa hemseleyana Tackholm; R. macrophylla Linley var. crasseaculeata Vilmorin
Shrubs to 3 meters tall; prickles sparse to absent, straight or slightly curved, stout, flat, even tapering to a broader base. leaflets 5-9, elliptic...Flowers in lax corymb; Petals 5, pink or rose-purple..Hip deep red, oblong-ovoid, 1-2 cm in dimater, with a neck at apex, glandular pubescent or not with persistent, erect sepals.
Flowers May - July, fruit July - October.
Article (magazine)  (2001)  Page(s) 393.  
R. setipoda Hemsl. et Wils. Ploidy 4x
Pollen fertility 13.9%
Selfed Fruit set 0%
Book  (Mar 1998)  Page(s) 8.  
R. setipoda almost no thorns and leaves with a wonderful incense scent
Book  (1997)  Page(s) 237.  Includes photo(s).
Photo of hips.
Book  (Apr 1993)  Page(s) 512.  
R. setipoda Hemsley & Wilson, Species, pale pink, (R. macrophylla crasseaculeata Vilmorin); 1895. Description.
Book  (Apr 1993)  Page(s) 507.  
R. hemsleyana Täckholm, Species, light pink [lp],
(R. macrophylla Crépin, not Lindley; R. setipoda Rolfe, not Hemsley & Wilson); 1904.
Book  (1993)  Page(s) 77.  Includes photo(s).
[Listed under "Wild Roses and Their Cultivars"] Description. Rosa moyesii-like hips. Collected in China by Wilson in 1901. Summer flowering. Height: 8 ft. Some scent.
Book  (1988)  Page(s) 155.  
location 150/4, R. hemsleyana Täckholm, CINNAMOMEAE, central China, 1904, pink, single, mild fragrance, large, cluster-flowered, floriferous, vigorous, bushy, branched, 2 m, dark green medium size matte foliage, 7-9 leaflets, orange to orange-red medium-large, matte-glossy strongly glandular ovoid to urn-shaped fruit, upright persistent sepals, few hips
Website/Catalog  (1986)  Page(s) 36.  
Rosa setipoda.....Cg.
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