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'Saint Patrick' rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 17 DEC 16 by Cayuse
The flowers on this plant are nothing short of amazing. They stay on the plant for weeks; they stay in a vase for weeks. I have a fall-planted bush purchased from a local nursery that has been blooming since I planted it (it is now December); last night we had winds of 30-40mph, and the blooms are still intact when everything else was denuded.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 14 SEP 20 by happymaryellen
Help me find says that the rose is 3 to 5 feet tall but it doesn’t say how wide it is, do you have any perspective on that? I believe I’m gonna be putting this in a pot. thoughts?
Reply #2 of 2 posted 15 SEP 20 by jedmar
The rose grows 3 to 4 feet tall and wide, according to the patent.
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Initial post 6 OCT 17 by BenT_TX
A uniquely high quality yellow hybrid tea. While most large yellow HTs open and drop their petals too quickly in hot weather, St Patrick is extraordinarily long lasting, and opens slowly and holds its most attractive high center form forever...a quality that cannot be over appreciated if you live in the South. It also shows its most unique characteristics...a chartreuse green edge, a pink center when weather is warm. When cut inside, the color actually turns a deeper, almost golden yellow. Once in a while you’ll get a completely chartreuse green bloom. A rose with many interesting variations, all of them very attractive. The bloom also retains good size and petal count in heat. It grows with excellent vigor and disease resistance. In my opinion, easily the best yellow HT or grandiflora.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 10 JAN 20 by drossb1986
Honestly, I think my St. Patrick is going to get the "Mommie Dearest" treatment this spring. I bought it because it has all these qualities that we seek in roses, but it just leaves me totally cold. It's like buying a Camry. Great qualities on paper, but it lacks emotion. I still recommend it to everyone that wants a great, yellow rose...or just an easy rose in general.
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Initial post 28 DEC 12 by bluebuster77
I was looking for other good yellow roses besides St. Patrick. Up to date, no other yellow roses beat St. Patrick in overall performances.
Reply #1 of 7 posted 18 JUN 14 by 1
If you can locate the yellow 'Freedom', try it out. It has the holding power of St Patrick, the vigor of most floribundas, and the color of Midas Touch.
Reply #2 of 7 posted 25 MAY 16 by LaurelZ
Henry Fonda does really well as a yellow. It has more of butter yellow color. If you want a yellow I would suggest, Henry Fonda.
Reply #3 of 7 posted 26 MAY 16 by 1
It completely defoliates here, but I heard it does super well in the South.
Reply #4 of 7 posted 26 MAY 16 by LaurelZ
I am in Ukiah, CA and it's doing great, but I am spraying it, and its not planted in the ground yet even. It has not much fungal at all, compared to my top fungal collecting roses which are Love and Peace, Coffee bean, and Double Delight. It blooms as much as St. Patricks Day also. I will post some photos of it. Photo Id: 281573 take a look, no fungal issue at all, all leaves healthy.
Reply #5 of 7 posted 26 MAY 16 by bluebuster77
Often seen Henry Fonda in local nursery, I'm going to get one. I'm in San Francisco Bay Area
Reply #7 of 7 posted 26 MAY 16 by LaurelZ
I don't think it will make it in san francisco, I used to live there. It may do well in the Mission or the castro or in san mateo. Ukiah has sacramento like weather, not bay area like weather. I mean it will make it, but if you dont spray it all the leaves will fall off every year and even if you did spray it, most of the leaves will be in bad shape if you say in the sunset district or daly city.
Reply #6 of 7 posted 26 MAY 16 by 1
I believe ya. Roses have varying types of resistances. Oregon and Washington are very heavy in 2 races (+/-) of black spot, and our pressure is greater than most of the US. I can only report for our region.

Spraying is becoming very, very rare here. Most people in the PNW are "green-hearted", so to speak. Even our symbol has a green heart in it :D
Discussion id : 91-243
most recent 2 MAR 16 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 2 MAR 16 by drossb1986
What a great rose this has been in Houston. I would say the only drawback so far is the fact that the blooms last so long on the bush (they last just as long in a vase, which is good) that you almost have to cut them off to encourage rebloom and growth. Otherwise, the blooms just stay on the bush for what seems like an eternity. Other roses will bud, bloom, and the petals fall off long before a bud on St. Patrick is even 1/3 open. I also think St. Patrick has gorgeous foliage that really compliments the coloring of the rose. As long as you don't have to have fragrance, St. Patrick is an absolutely excellent rose.
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