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'Summer Wine' rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 10 DEC by Jaybird
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Initial post 16 APR 18 by Nola Z5a WI
Heirloom Roses lists Summer Wine as Zone 5.
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Initial post 6 MAR 08 by bob diller
Beautiful rose, but I'm finding Kordes roses hate even a little shade during the day. This rose has taken 5 years to get 4 feet tall. It and Dublin Bay both need moved, but I really am pretty lazy about relocating roses once they are planted. I always look at the roses that overcome some of the poor locations I've given them and wonder why some do splendid regardless, and others seem unable to cope with a less than perfect location. I will say, multiflora ramblers are my pick for less than ideal locations, they seem to have vigor to spare and bloom like crazy with as little as 5 hours sun a day.
Reply #1 of 4 posted 7 MAR 08 by HMF Admin
Thanks for your participation Bob. Your insights are a valuable addition to the site.
Reply #2 of 4 posted 14 SEP 08 by Patsy & Ed Cunningham
Not sure about other Kordes roses, but 'Summer wine' grows wildly here, even in its partly shaded spot in our yard. Grows long thin flexible canes and ability to cover a trellis. Perfectly hardy in zone 6 here. 'Green apple' smell like 'City of York'. roots fairly easily. Will rebloom only if completely deadhead after June bloom
Reply #3 of 4 posted 14 SEP 08 by Robert Neil Rippetoe
I'm sorry to say my own-root Summer Wine's repeat has been poor so far here in my low desert climate. I grow many singles and so far this one has been a bit of a disappointment.

The blossoms blow fairly quickly, rangy growth habit, vicious prickles. I also discovered just a bit of Powdery Mildew last season. I do enjoy the fragrance which is a bit unusual.

This is one of those roses that will reach out and grab you as you walk past. It's not a rose to plant anywhere near a garden path.

Obviously it's an excellent performer for some. I'm guessing it prefers cooler climates. I'll likely donate mine with several other things to the upcoming Ventura Rose Society Auction.
Reply #4 of 4 posted 12 OCT 12 by mtspace
Bob, to your point regarding multiflora climbers and shade, I planted Psyche, a multiflora rambler as a band from Vintage Gardens this spring, hoping that it, like the other bands I received, might survive the season, set roots and maybe start growing in year two or three as is usually the case with own-root roses in my garden. But by the end of the season it had three canes each twelve feet in length, this despite the fact that it gets five hours sun, tops. If it were to multiply in size at the same rate next year and the year after, by the third or fourth year it would stretch hundreds of feet in every direction! I've never had to worry about that before. I'm hoping instead that it starts to bloom. The Garland probably does not get an hour of sun per day and it grew from 14 inches to six feet in one season. No bloom from it either, but the trees shading both of these roses are short enough that I expect both to grow out of their shade and enjoy many more hours in the sun, at least at the height of summer.

The sun was shining on the spot where I planted it when I put it in the ground, but through its first season I learned that Summer Wine got no more than five hours of sun per day. I feared that it would dwindle away to nothing by the end of the season, but it has continued to grow slowly. It's still not yet waist high, though, so I understand that it really needs more sun than would a typical multiflora rambler. It behaves as if it is quite satisfied living in zone 7b, but it has not been through one of our thrilling spring freeze-thaw roller-coaster rides yet. I know I must move it, and it's good to know it should be far from a path. I wonder, would it look good next to, say Graham Thomas? Or would one rose's color overpower the other's?
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