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"Kombacy Elyena rose References
Magazine  (Dec 2019)  Page(s) 4. Vol 41, No. 4.  
Margaret Furness, editor.
There has been speculation on that “Kombacy Elyena” / “Joanna” / “Mary Ann Murray” etc. might be the true Francis Dubreuil. Early references say it was very similar to the true Souvenir de Thérèse Levet, but the former had a white nub to the petals, and the latter a yellow one. The colour of petal nubs can vary with the season. A lady of 90 gave Leonie K a rose which her father, a Frenchman, had grown for many years as Souvenir de Thérèse Levet, which appears identical to “Joanna”. Was he sold a mislabel or a substitution, or the true Souvenir de Thérèse Levet?
Magazine  (Sep 2019)  Page(s) 27. Vol 41, No. 3.  Includes photo(s).
Editor.  Mystery Teas in Australia. 
“Kombacy Elyena” and “Robert’s Red Tea” in Victoria; Rookwood “Mary Ann Murray” and “Stephi’s Red”; “Joanna” in Queensland; “Ferguson Valley Deep Purple Pink” in WA.  Flowers through winter. Buds can be swan-necked, foliaceous sepals. Blooms are medium size, often hanging, very double, can ball. White nub to petal base, with a silvery reverse. Raspberry lolly scent, not pleasant to all; but it is the only rose a woman who had lost her sense of smell could detect, and to her it was sweet.  Hips don’t persist. New growth and prickles burgundy. Medium growth.  Susceptible to mildew. 
Magazine  (2015)  Page(s) 27. Vol 37, No. 3.  
Hillary Merrifield, Billy West and Lynne Chapman. Renmark Repository April 2015.
"Kombacy Elyena" Same as "Mary Anne Murray". Found in several places around Australia. Whether this rose may be 'Mlle Christine de Noué' is still being investigated.
Magazine  (2012)  Page(s) 11. Vol 34, No. 1.  
Editor: Seeking "Rockton Red" from Ipswich, to compare with Rookwood "Mary Anne Murray" and "Kombacy Elyena".
Magazine  (2012)  Page(s) 34. Vol 34, No. 3.  Includes photo(s).
"Mary Anne Murray" syn "Stephi's Red" ex Rookwood, syn "Kombacy Elyena" (Vic.). Also found in WA and perhaps Ipswich. Many at Rookwood. White nub to petals. Susceptible to mildew, tends to ball.
Magazine  (2011)  Page(s) 3. Vol 33, No. 1.  Includes photo(s).
Photo "Kombacy Elyena" Also at Rookwood and perhaps Ipswich.
Magazine  (2003)  
Seventh National Conference, Hay, NSW. Conference Proceedings, page 22
Barbara May & Jane Zammit. ‘Stephi’s Red” This rose is named for Stephanie Murphy who found her. Some have thought that she may be ‘Princesse de Sagan’, however the jury is still out on that one. There are several plants remaining across Rookwood so she was clearly popular over a period of time.
Magazine  (1999)  Page(s) 63. Vol 21, No. 2.  
Richard Walsh. Illawarra and Southern Highlands report.
At our April meeting, we shared our favourite roses - "Stephanie's Red" and....
Magazine  (1992)  Page(s) 6. Vol 14, No. 4.  
Eileen Lowther. Re 'Princesse de Sagan'. Tea.
In about 1981 or 1982 I went on an organised walk through the Melbourne General Cemetery with a group from HRA led by Robert Peace who knew the area well and where the interesting roses were to be found. One of these was for some years known as "Robert's Red Tea". It was a clear red medium size, and eventually it was identified by Robert as 'Princesse de Sagan', but he said that there seemed to be two reds slightly different in colouring with the same name. Recently Jan Laidlaw picked me some 'Princesse de Sagan' from her garden. it is a small rose - red with a bluish tinge. Can anyone give the date of this rose (or roses) and introduced by whom?
Magazine  (1988)  Page(s) 14. Vol 10, No. 4.  
Iris King: Three roses nominated for propagation and reintroduction.
"[Robert's] Red Tea" - found at Rookwood and also Melbourne (several locations). A first class rose of sumptuous red, even colour. Just a little difficutl to propagate. One bush of this was destroyed at Rookwood but there are at least 2 more.

Editor: [Robert Peace] (I feel the rose is similar to 'Princesse de Sagan' but I have only seen that rose once. It may be the only lead in finding the identity of this apparently widely planted red Tea Rose.)
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