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'Dick Clark ®' rose Reviews & Comments
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most recent 14 MAY 21 SHOW ALL
Initial post 18 FEB 11 by Penelope
Can anyone compare Mon Cheri to Dick Clark? They seem to look rather similar to me from the photos. Maybe different growth habits? I really don't want to purchase nearly identical roses, though from the descriptions, I would assume Dick Clark smells better. I also like a rose that makes a decent looking bush without the blooms.
Reply #1 of 4 posted 19 FEB 11 by Rose Addict
Dick Clark has deep magenta overtones while Mon Cheri has true red coloration shading to coral. If you have room, get both. Mon Cheri is compact but stunning and very fragrant where I live in So Calif. My own Dick Clark has not bloomed yet so I will reserve judgement as to its growing habits in comparison to Mon Cheri but I believe it will be taller. The colors are quite different and both are beautiful. Good luck with you choices.
Reply #2 of 4 posted 19 FEB 11 by Penelope
Thanks for your reply. Being as you are a much more experienced rosarian than I, I took your advice and purchased both, in spite of the earful I'm sure to get from my husband ;-) I just couldn't resist those perfect photos of Dick Clark, and as I am rather partial to grandifloras, he was first into my cart. Mon Cheri went right behind him, since you testified to a nice fragrance. I was in love with Mon Cheri's blooms the first time I saw them on here. I just hope that she's not too leggy. Can't wait to see what April brings!
Reply #3 of 4 posted 20 FEB 11 by Kathy Strong
Mon Cheri has bigger blooms, but Dick Clark has more of them, and less disease problems.
Reply #4 of 4 posted 14 MAY 21 by Michael Garhart
I think the primary difference is in their cons in that Mon Cheri can get mildew in climates not prone to it, and Dick Clark can become tall/floppy.

I would personally recommend Miss Congeniality over either of them, unless one is dead set on more of a gradient than just the colored edging. Miss Congeniality is a well-behaved plant with nice form and some scent.
Discussion id : 127-012
most recent 15 APR 21 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 14 APR 21 by RoseForest
Healthy bush, disease-resistant, but the color is an acquired taste and ideally, it's placed on its own. Color clashes with most other roses around it. In certain climes, the sought-after double color effect doesn't even happen.
It becomes a garish, loud pink-red.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 15 APR 21 by Nastarana
Acquired taste? As was the person whom it commemorates. That brilliant bicolor effect does seem appropriate for the "world's oldest teenager".
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Initial post 29 JUN 12 by Matthew W. Gerber
As my two bushes of Dick Clark finish their first bloom, in their second season, I am pleased with this variety. Each bush had upwards of one hundred blooms, they each reached 5' high and almost 4' across, even after pruning them in half from the first years growth of 6' high. The blooms are well-formed with perfect centers, great changing color, with a great backdrop of dark green, shiny, healthy foliage. The blooms last long in a vase. One drawback is that the canes don't always support the huge amount of blooms and bow over, sometimes breaking at the base. They are so vigorous that the bushes have basal breaks even before the first bloom finished. Wish there was more than just a slight fragrance. Overall, this is a real winner!
Reply #1 of 1 posted 14 APR 21 by RoseForest
It's amazing how many blooms some people can get! Mine is in its 4th season and only now I am getting buds in the 20's. The first few years they were in the one digit, 3-4 at one time. Then again, it's somewhat close to an old tree which I suppose makes a difference.
Discussion id : 64-095
most recent 8 MAY 12 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 6 MAY 12 by monimoni
can anyone tell me if Dick Clark is the same coloring as Double Delight? I have two DDs and although i wanted Dick Clark i dont wanna purchase something that simular to my DDS.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 8 MAY 12 by Seil
No, they are not the same coloring. DD is a white/cream with a light pink to scarlet edging depending on the weather. It's phototropic so the amount of edging can very a great deal. Dick Clark is yellow with a more orange red edge and is not phototropic so the edge is always there to the same degree. I have them both and like them both very much. Dick Clark was fairly healthy for me last year and did winter very well.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 8 MAY 12 by monimoni
thank you for responding
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