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"Bermuda Kathleen" rose References
Newsletter  (May 2015)  Page(s) 11. Vol 36, No. 3.  Includes photo(s).
Peter Holmes, President Bermuda Rose Society.
"Bermuda's Kathleen" was thought to be the Hybrid Musk 'Kathleen', but this was subsequently disproved at the WFRS Convention in Toronto in 1985. DNA analysis determined that "Bermuda's Kathleen" is not a sport of 'Mutabilis', but may be a hybrid, i.e. grown from seed as a chance seedling. 'Mutabilis' could be a parent of "Bermuda's Kathleen" but at this stage in the studies it could not be determined whether a pollen parent or seed parent."Bermuda's Kathleen" was found to be 'very Chinese in its constituents: meaning it seems very close to the wild Chinese roses analysed so far.
Book  (2011)  Page(s) 76.  Includes photo(s).
Liesbeth Cooper. DNA Results on Bermuda Mystery Roses.
"Bermuda Kathleen" This rose, which is not a sport of the samples of 'Mutabilis' the lab has analyzed to date (which are all the same), is "very Chinese" in its constituents - it seems close to the wild Chinese roses that have been analyzed.

Photo "Bermuda Kathleen" by Gregg Lowery.
Book  (2009)  Includes photo(s).
p18. Liesbeth Cooper: As soon as I first saw "Bermuda Kathleen", I fell in love with it as I am especially fond of single and semidouble flowers. The large clusters of small, delicate, pastel-colored blooms are absolutely delightful. They open from slightly pointed buds to pale peachy-pink, then deepen in color to pink and finally to dark pink with prominent yellow stamens much like 'Mutabilis'. We in the Bermuda Rose Society suspect that "Bermuda Kathleen" is a chance seedling of 'Mutabilis'. Having originated in past president Mrs. Hilda Horsfield's garden, the rose has been grown all around Bermuda for about sixty years. It grows into an open shrub with lax canes and delicate, dark green foliage. It can be grown as a specimen plant but looks wonderful against a Bermuda limestone wall where it will easily reach 6 to 8 feet in height and 6 feet in width. Flower arrangers love to use the clusters of small light-orange hips

p39. Gregg Lowery: 'Bermuda Kathleen' Found in Bermuda in the garden of Mrs. Hilda Horsfield, circa 1956. Simple, 2-inch flowers of five petals begin cream and blush pink then deepen to rosy-lilac tinted with red. The panicles of bloom are broad; they rain over the tall, upright shrub, collapsing the branches and creating a mound of great beauty. Its discovery in the garden of Mrs. Hilda Horsfield in the 1950s on the island of Bermuda is recounted in the delightful 1997 book Roses in Bermuda. Once believed to be the Hybrid Musk rose 'Kathleen', "Bermuda Kathleeen" appears to be related to the old China rose 'Mutabilis'. It displays the color mutations so unique to that old mystery rose.
Magazine  (2006)  Page(s) 39. Vol 21, No. 1.  
Editor. Mrs. Liesbeth Cooper has been a member of the Bermuda Rose Society since 1967. She began to trace the origin of some of Bermuda's roses by collecting them and sending them to France for testing by rose DNA experts. Roses sent for study included "Bermuda Kathleen", first thought to be a Hybrid Musk but found after testing against 'Mutabilis' and 'Kathleen' to be a new hybrid probably grown from seed.
Book  (2006)  Page(s) 95.  
"Bermuda Kathleen". Noisette (T). Good reliable rebloom. Outstanding fragrance. Habit [diagram] 1. Provenance: Knopf]. A semi-double hybrid that has a shrubby, spreading habit of growth, fragrant blooms in large clusters, and flowers that undergo a color change, starting cream to blush and finishing lilac-rose to dark pink. Believed to be a chance seedling of 'Mutabilis', we suspect the other parent may have been an Old Noisette, and the plant could easily be included in this group, if not for the mutable color. One of the Bermuda mystery roses.
Book  (15 Oct 2001)  Page(s) 97.  
Marijke Peterich. The Preservation of Old Garden Roses in Bermuda.
"Bermuda Kathleen". A cutting came from the garden of Mrs. Hilda Horsfield, our president in 1956-58. The growth habit is upright, and it can be kept as a bush or a climber. The foliage is delicate, medium green and healthy. Blooms are in sprays. Buds are pointed, with somewhat foliated sepals and open into small, single, apple-blossom pink blooms, about1 1/2 inch (4 cm) across, which grow darker with age. Maybe a chance seedling of 'Mutabilis'. Here is "Bermuda Kathleen" close-up.
Book  (2000)  Page(s) 114.  
‘Bermuda Kathleen’ = Arbuste… see ref Botanica's Roses… bouquets légers… fleurs simples, plutôt petites… en coupe ouverte, d’un rose de fleur de pommier, puis s’ouvrent à plat en s’assombrissant au vieux rose.. buisson droit, à folioles vert franc luisantes et pointues, de croissance moyenne mais pouvait être conduit en semi-grimpant contre un mur. Plusieurs traits communs avec ‘Mutabilis’, dont ‘l’absence de parfum, donnent à penser qu’il en est un semis spontané. Horsfield, Bermude, 1993. Semis probable de ‘Mutabilis’.
Book  (Dec 1998)  Page(s) 114.  
Bermuda Kathleen Modern Shrub. Horsfield (Bermuda) 1993. Description... one of the mystery roses rescued from oblivion by the Bermuda Rose Society. It has spread round the islands from cuttings taken from the 1950s in Hilda Horsfield's garden... apple-blossom pink... In Bermuda's climate the rose flowers all year round, yet still produces small light orange hips...
Book  (3 Nov 1997)  Page(s) 64.  Includes photo(s).
Bermuda Kathleen Description... Originally this rose was thought to be the Hybrid Musk 'Kathleen,' but this was subsequently disproved at the World Federation of Rose Societies (W.F.R.S.) Convention in Toronto in 1985... sprays of small, single, apple-blossom pink blooms... reminiscent of 'Mutabilis', of which it is thought to be a chance seedling...
Book  (1984)  Page(s) 40.  Includes photo(s).
Plate 32. "[Bermuda] Kathleen" 1922. Has been grown in Bermuda for some years. Its growth habit is more upright, and it can be kept in bush form if desired up to a height of 5ft. It will also grow up a wall or trellis. It is a very open bush, with delicate foliage, medium green, very healthy. It bears small single pink blooms in sprays, about 1" across and is a delightful bush when in flower.
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