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'Earth Angel' rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 30 DEC by MsMagsMn-4b/5a
I have an own-root plant and it's doing great. I have moved it twice, and it has cheerfully tolerated it. Now that it's been in the same place for 2+ years, it's really settling in and throwing long canes.

That distinctive shape of the flowers, almost peony-like, requires some establishment. I finally got that look from the blooms this year, after it had settled in for a couple years.
Reply #1 of 3 posted 30 DEC by delaney
It's a very pretty rose. Do you find it prone to "balling" with the rain? (as some others have found?)
Reply #2 of 3 posted 3 JAN by MsMagsMn-4b/5a
Honestly, no, but its blooms haven't really coincided with any periods of serious rainfall. We have had some cold, wet springs up here in Minneapolis, but my blooms come later in mid-June at the earliest, so by then things have been warmer and drier. If I have any news on that front this year, I'll be sure to weigh in.

The Japanese beetles do really like it, however...sigghhhhh...
Reply #3 of 3 posted 3 JAN by delaney
Thanks for that mags.
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Initial post 10 SEP by johnm99
Gave up on this rose - constantly balling up - over 70% of blooms failed to open. Looked great at Kordes in Germany - but one of the worst roses for balling up. We don't get much rain, and humidity is not high, but this thing was a soggy looking mess most of the time. Mild marine climate, 25" rain, rarely below 32F 0 deg C, but this thing was a failure. Nice fragrance, vigorous, but a waste of garden space.
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Initial post 15 JUN by noseometer
Here in the high desert, flowers are not particularly beautiful. Fragrance can be strong and lovely at times, no fragrance at other times . The plant needs a lot of coddling to grow. Most of all, it is extremely susceptible to thrips and to dry heat. Many buds abort and those that do start to open turn brown before opening even when sprayed for thrips and heavily irrigated. Flowers turn crispy and/or brown within 1 day when they do open, particularly at temperatures over 80 degrees. Flowers can last a bit longer in higher humidity situations such as the rare rain here, and in cooler temperatures.This is not everyone’s experience, I see.
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Initial post 12 MAR 20 by DLEverette_NC_Zone7b
I can confirm this rose is VERY vigorous as an own-root plant. I planted in a 20in pot in April 2019 and the roots have completely filled it! This explains why it threw out so many long canes as well.
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