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'MEInostair' rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 27 SEP by Alain Meilland
Hello HMF,

5652-06-2 is Mademoiselle MEILLAND® Meinostair

Reply #1 of 2 posted 27 SEP by HMF Admin
Thank you, we will make these updates
Reply #2 of 2 posted 28 SEP by Patricia Routley
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Initial post 20 SEP by Little Annie
I have two Sweet Mademoiselle rose bushes and they were planted in early May. Now in September I've had some nice blooms, but, barely any scent. Could it be that the scent will get stronger once the plant is older? Otherwise, the plants are vigorous and very healthy. No black spot, no mildew this first year and growing like crazy. I bought one from Northland Rosarium and one from High Country. Both were tiny and have grown 5 times their original height. Anyone else have this rose with little scent?
Reply #1 of 6 posted 21 SEP by ParisRoseLady
Annie, I purchased a Sweet Mademoiselle from High Country Roses this year, and it also has quickly grown 5 times the size. It's produced several cupped blooms in quick succession. They ARE scented, although I've found that smelling the blooms in certain times of day, they are NOT. I can't recall exactly when the scent comes out, but it does! It's quite pronounced when you get your nose up close. when catching it. Also, I think that it takes time and maturity for a rose to take on all its characteristics. This goes for scent, as well as things like true coloration, bloom form, and structure. There are just so many things for a young rose to do! (especially the band-sized plants). I'm guessing if your SM is not scented now, she will be later, possibly even soon!
Reply #2 of 6 posted 21 SEP by Little Annie
Hi ParisRoseLady. Gee, that name is so familiar. lol
I appreciate your reply because I've read how strongly scented this rose is and have been disappointed in how mild it is. I have two cut blooms in the house that are not all the way open and there is a very mild, fruity scent. I hope that scent grows stronger as the plant gets older as a strong scent is high on my want list.. I love how healthy this plant is. It's even outgrowing Firefighter which is a very vigorous rose and was taller when they were all planted last May.
Reply #3 of 6 posted 21 SEP by ParisRoseLady
Also, I've wondered if there are certain fertilizers or amendments we can give our roses to increase scent, such as alfalfa tea, fish fertilizer, or other organic concoctions. Maybe even watering them with a mycorrizae (or however you spell it) solution. The theory being, that the happier and healthier a bush is, it will be able to exhibit its genetic characteristics. I think it makes sense. Ah, the challenges of cultivation for rose fanatics, it's an obsession!!
Reply #4 of 6 posted 21 SEP by Little Annie
I'm fairly new to growing roses, so, I do not know if certain amendments help with scent. It seems to make sense that, as you say, the healthier a plant is the more it will do it's best in all areas. Obsession! Hah, I'm trying not to get more roses that I can handle or that makes them too much work, money and worry ( we all worry when they get sick).
I've got 8 hybrid teas in front of my house...all very good with disease resistance and my backyard has two old roses...Madame Plantier and Felicia. Next year I want Konigin von Danemark and am trying to make up my mind between Madame Hardy or Madame Legras de st. Germain. Both have their good points, but, I can't make up my mind. No room for both.
Reply #5 of 6 posted 22 SEP by Nastarana
I have grown both. How much space do you have? 'Mme. Hardy' spreads outwards. Mme. Legras has an upright, stately growth habit which is very similar to that of 'Alba Semi plena', although it clearly is not part of that sport family. Likely it is the progeny of semiplena and perhaps a tea or Noisette.
Both have beautiful white flowers, those of 'Mme. Hardy being a little larger. For me, albas, overall, are the better landscape plants with their grey green, rounded oval leaves and disease resistance.
Reply #6 of 6 posted 22 SEP by Little Annie
I really appreciate you telling me the growth shape of the bushes. I prefer a less spreading bush as I have a smaller yard. I love M. Hardy's flower form, but, M. L. has lovely flowers too. I, also, love Alba roses and why I've had such a hard time choosing which one to get next year.
I read on Peter Schneider's book on roses that M. Hardy suckers on her own roots and I don't want to be bothered with that. I planted M. Plantier three weeks ago and she has grown 8 inches already. That's one of the things I love about Alba's. They are so hardy. You've helped me make a choice by describing the growth of the roses. Many thanks, Nastarana.
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Initial post 24 JUL by ParisRoseLady
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