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Reine des Violettes  rose photo courtesy of member Darrell
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Initial post 18 JAN 13 by Patricia Routley
Variable it may be, but is not crimson or red. Do you know the provenance of your rose? Is it the clone that Cass mentioned in her 'Souvenir of Wootton' comment of April 28, 2010?
Reply #1 of 2 posted 19 JAN 13 by Darrell
I bought the rose from Cliff Orent at EuroDesert Roses--now closed. When it first bloomed, I was suspicious and asked him about it. He believed it was the correct rose. Certainly it does not fit the early (though somewhat vague) descriptions of the rose, most of which insisted it was a grand red, a rich red.

But the colors do fit the other varying descriptions over the years--one or two mention it as magenta, others rose pink or carmine. But mine has never been red red. And no one anywhere mentions the variability of shape.

If the wrong rose, any ideas?

Thanks for the response.

Darrell Schramm
Reply #2 of 2 posted 19 JAN 13 by Patricia Routley
I cannot see many distinguishing features, except possibly a hybrid perpetual-type elongated or vase shape receptacle on of Harbor Rose Garden's photos. I can only advise more side view photos of the pedicel, receptacle, and sepals. As well as side views of hips (if any set). Photos of the bush would also help. What class of rose does the bush look like to you?

Idly looking for magenta HP's, Cliff's photo is reminding me of "Old Town Novato". But trying to hazard a guess from Western Australia on an American foundling that I have never seen is even worse than hazarding guesses on my own foundlings.
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