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Shelley H
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Initial post 9 MAR 08 by spokaneroses
Shelley: Loved your pictures of both Lambert Closse and Emily Carr, two roses we sell at our nursery, Northland Rosarium in SPokane, Wa. zone 4-5. Wondering if we might use your photos of these roses for our website and catalog?

Thanks in advance and please email me at or if any questions or concerns. Do keep up the great photography!

Phyllis Hathaway
Northland Rosarium
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Initial post 23 JUL 06 by Shelley H
My  first rose  John Cabot was given to me in the Spring of 1990.  I posted pictures of this rose as it is still going strong today. I now have a total of 108 roses in my yard .
Reply #1 of 2 posted 27 OCT 06 by Nathan
Shelly how do you do it? How do you winter all of those roses...?
Reply #2 of 2 posted 18 MAR 07 by Shelley H
I usually buy only own root roses. I plant the crowns 4"- 6 " deep, water well once a week, fertilize once a month. Simple.... I have not protected them in winter. Mother nature usually gives me a good blanket of snow.
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Initial post 27 OCT 06 by Nathan
Hello everyone, ny name is Nathan and I am just about as inexpirienced as the day is I cant spell worth beans...But I have three roses now Hope for Humanity Blanc de Coubert x2 Henry Kelsey Hm...What else Oh I would really appreciate it if everyone would tell me about the roses they have had sucess with in zones 3 and lower....Sorry Shelly I think this is on your page for some dumb reason....Why isnt this working
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