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Jan's Brentwood Garden
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most recent 5 JUL HIDE POSTS
Initial post 5 JUL by Shmegs

I have been searching for a “Darling Annabelle” rose. It is my daughter’s name. I contacted Hortico, the place listed in Canada that it originated and they said they haven’t had this rose for a few years. I am in USA. Do you have this rose? Do you know where I might find it?

Thank you so much for your help!
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most recent 23 FEB 20 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 23 FEB 20 by mamabotanica
HI Jan, it says you have Celestial NIght. IF you are familar with this purple rose I have a question. I just got this rose and am wondering how tall it gets. I'm trying to place it in my garden and coming across conflicting information on it's height (7 ft from one site, 4 ft here) and would love to have a better idea of where it should go in my garden.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 23 FEB 20 by jmile
I got mine last year --- it is in a pot waiting to be transplanted into the ground. It's not that big yet but the blooms are simply beautiful. I do not know how big it will ultimately grow.
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most recent 25 MAY 17 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 25 MAY 17 by John P
Hi Jan,

How are you, you ok? Did you receive my messages?
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most recent 13 SEP 16 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 13 SEP 16 by Lazy Rosarian
Yes, I will contact Burlington Nursery to make arrangements to have 5-6 Grandmere Jenny's propagating the Grandmere Jennys. If you have Berolina, Chondos Beauty, Love's Promise, Royal Dane, Gruss an Teplitz, Dame de Coeur, Grace de Monaco I will gladly pay you for the cuttings (I need 4-5 of each ) and I will make arrangements with Burlington Nursery to propagate them. That way these vintage roses will still be available to the public. If you do not have these roses but know where to find them , there is a rose society in California that has auctions each year, you might try there. I will pay for each rose cutting.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 13 SEP 16 by jmile
Right now my rose garden is in a state of disorder. I have been having health problems (knees) and haven't given it the time it needs. This Fall I will order in a crew to take out all of the weeds and prune the roses that have survived our water problems. The Irrigation System that services us has once again had problems with their old pipes and my roses have suffered for the second year in a row. This time it was only a month without water last year it was two months. It always happens during the hottest months when the earth dries out and cracks --cracking the concrete pipes. will let you know which of the roses I have when I get thru with the pruning. I do know that I have Chandos Beauty.
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