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Jan's Brentwood Garden
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Initial post 6 JUN by zlesak
Dear Jan,

Your collection and garden look amazing. I'm a researcher at the U of WI and study black spot resistance in roses. I'd love to test a rose called Bernstein-Rose from Tantau from the late 1980's to see if it is the source of a resistance gene that are in some of its descendants. It is hard to find it in the US and I see you have it listed as part of your garden. I'd love to test it's DNA and root a couple cuttings to challenge it with the forms of black spot the particular gene should confer resistance to to confirm. I'd love to pay for shipping if you'd be willing to share a couple cuttings.

All the best,
David Zlesak (
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Initial post 11 JAN by TallulahB
Hi Jan,

Do you still grow the Lady Sadie rose?
If possible, I am after some cuttings or seeds/bulbs but I would need to get it posted to the UK!
Of course I will pay you postage if you would be willing to send me some cuttings.

Thank you so much,
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Initial post 6 MAY 23 by Colblan
Hi, I'm looking for Osiana Rose. Do you have one for sale?
Reply #1 of 2 posted 6 MAY 23 by jmile
I have both Osiana rose and Pink Osiana. I do not sell roses---but I do give cuttings to K and M roses.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 7 MAY 23 by Colblan
Could I buy cuttings from you instead?
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most recent 6 MAY 23 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 6 MAY 23 by Colblan
Hi, do you have the Osiana Rose availbble for sale?
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