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Routley, Patricia & Robin
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most recent 23 JUL 22 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 23 JUL 22 by Patricia Routley
I am unable to fit these into my bio in My Account page.
Just for the record, some other articles were:

Patricia’s articles in other publications
1997 HRiA 19-1-17. R. Indica major
1997. HRiA 19-4-23. Report on the 1997 Fremantle Conference
1998 HRiA 20-1-17. Jenny Duval
1998 HRiA 20-2-16. Welcome letter to the editor including Fru Dagmar..
1998 HRiA 20-3-24. Letter to the editor. Suggests book reprint of old issues.
1999. HRiA 21-3-40. Mermaid
1999 HRiA 21-4-25. Firefly references
2000. HRiA 22-3-10. Firefly
2000. HRiA 22-3-41. Researching old roses
2000. HRiA 22-4-11. Mme Boll or Comte de Chambord
2000. HRiA 22-4-18. Edna Walling’s Golden Showers
2000. HRiA 22-4-43. Researching old roses - and Muriel Graham
2001. HRiA 23-1-22 Getting your rose cuttings to strike
2001 HRiA 23-2-14 Getting your rose cuttings to strike
2001. HRiA 23-1-17. R. Sancta. Minnehaha
2002. HRG, UK 24-5. Saving Dr. Hogg
2003 Heritage Roses Group, U.S. Burnt Earth and other pooey items
2003. HRiA 25-2-23. How do you label roses
2004 HRiA 26-4-47 Sophie’s Perpetual
2005. HRiA 27-2-28. The dying hybrid perpetuals at Roseraie de l’Hay
2005 HRiA 27-3-05. A plea to conserve different old roses
2005. HRiA 27-3-16 The velvet-leafed rambling rose
2005 HRiA 28-3-16. Robin and Patricia Routley’s garden in the forest.
2006. HRiA 28-1-58. The phantom rose “La Reine Victoria”
2006. HRiA 28-1-20. Pilgrimage to Otahuna
2007. HRiA 29-3-36 Sachsengruss and the tottering sponge
2008. HRiA 30-4-40. Ramona, Anemone, Bardou Job
2008 HRG, UK 35-20. Old roses in a distant garden - Port Arthur
2011. HRiA 33-2-34. That rose again - “Mrs. Something”
2011 HRiA 33-4-63. Patricia at the post office - posting Dr. Hogg
2012 HRiA 34-2-36. Hector Deane
2013. HRiA 35-1-13. Parks Yellow Tea-Scented China and Fee Opale
2013 HRiA 35-2-20. Book review - Frank Riethmuller - Life and Roses
2013 HRiA 35-2-39 Rose Marsh, polyantha
2013 HRiA 35-3-25. Diamond Jubilee - A gift from god
2014 HRiA 36-4-14. Bisdee of Bagdad
2014. HRiA 36-4-31. Book Review: The Kodja Place, Kojonup
2015 HRiA 37-1-21. If I could only grow ten roses
2015. HRiA 37-1-45. A talk with Barbara May on the bus.
2015. HRiA 37-1-57. Using HelpMeFind as a register of old roses
2015 HRiA 37-2-54. Lime sulphur and pee
2016 HRiA 38-1-54. Old grumpy guts and his witch-urana rambler
2016. HRiA 38-2-44. Fantin Latour
2016. HRiA 38-2-49 Record Keeping [see Glossary]
2016 HRiA 38-3-57. Belle Amour
2016. HRiA 38-2-31. The old-rose rich, poor nurseries
2017. HRiA 39-2-12. Climbing General Macarthur
2017. HRiA 39-2-34. Roses recommended by the N.R.S. of W.A
2019. HRiA 41-2-41. Lady Mary Fitzwilliam - Lost forever
2019. HRiA 41-4-32. Ask not what HRiA can do for you, but what you can do for HRiA
2020 HRiA 42-3-36. Saving Dr. Hogg
2021 HRiA 43-3-32. My HelpMeFind journey
2021 HRiA 43-3-36. “Beryl Turner’s Tiny White”
Discussion id : 129-953
most recent 4 DEC 21 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 4 DEC 21 by Patricia Routley
I have four pale pink gallicas which are similar, but are showing slight differences. I have placed photos in My Garden page. I have temporarily named them with my location, followed by (the provenance location). Both the GS (Great Southern bed) and the TT (Tractor Track bed) plants are within 10 metres of each other.

GS-I-NE (ZB-4-5)
100cm. Green winter wood, shows some stamens, smooth canes.

GS-O-NW (ZB-1-16)
100cm. Reddish winter wood, shows button eye, smooth canes

80cm. Light green leaves, prickly.

TT-E-38 (ZB-3-24)
120cm. Deep green leaves, smooth canes.
Discussion id : 128-348
most recent 3 JUL 21 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 1 JUL 21 by Patricia Routley
Responding further to member GHS69 and Margaret Furness.

Thanks Margaret. I am not so sure about burnout, but after a bout of influenza for both of us, I knew I had to take more rest. It has actually been wonderful and I have read, rested, got out into my garden, thoroughly overhauled the garage shelving, thrown out enormous amounts of junk in the garage, bought new lamps, and looked at re-curtaining the whole house. After 5-ish hours a day consistently from 2006 to 2021 on HelpMeFind, this return to a normal retirement at the age of 80 has been most welcome. I know my husband Rob, at 92, also is appreciative.
I am feeling most guilty that there are areas that I could still help on this site. However the eyesight is not as good these days, and I cannot cope with the numerous glitches and very slow speeds on a satellite internet service. It is time for me to stop.
It has been exhilerating, and a fascinating journey with HelpMeFind and I am deeply grateful to the website owners who allowed me to contribute to the history of the Australian rose scene on this incredible website. Sharing rose research is in this way has been rewarding and I do recommend it to others. My fond regards to all the rosarians I have met on HelpMeFind.
Reply #1 of 7 posted 1 JUL 21 by Kathy Strong
Thank you Patricia. Your work, now and over the years, is much appreciated.
Reply #2 of 7 posted 1 JUL 21 by Marlorena
Patricia, very best wishes to you and your husband. You will be greatly missed..
Reply #3 of 7 posted 1 JUL 21 by jedmar
Patricia, you have been warning, but I cannot believe it! We worked so well together. It has been a great journey. Please look in from time to time!
Reply #4 of 7 posted 1 JUL 21 by Andrew from Dolton
You are a true rosarian.
Reply #5 of 7 posted 1 JUL 21 by Give me caffeine
Just saw this. Best wishes for your "normal" retirement, Patricia. It's been a pleasure to get to know you. And thank you for all your work over the years. You've been a great asset to this site.
Reply #6 of 7 posted 2 JUL 21 by Patricia Routley
Thank you Kathy, Marlorena, Andrew and Give Me Caffeine. Your kind words are much appreciated.
And dear Jedmar - of course I will be looking in. The love of roses and their history does not suddenly dissipate. My maiden surname actually included the word ‘rose’, so it is ingrained.
Reply #8 of 7 posted 3 JUL 21 by billy teabag
Thank you Patricia. Such a contribution. Thank you.
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most recent 29 OCT 14 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 29 OCT 14 by Francofile
Hi there
I am trying desperately to purchase - a rose called Archiduc Charles, which I recently saw at the South Australian Rose Society show. As I love heritage roses, I would very much like to purchase this rose if at all possible. I would love to hear whether any person may have this rose. Many thanks Helen
Reply #1 of 2 posted 29 OCT 14 by Patricia Routley
Hello Helen,
Your HelpMefind just says you are in "Australia". (It might help if it says South Australia - do you want to add that?)

I am guessing you are in SA and I am going to pass your email address on to some Australian ladies who will certainly be able to help you. Get back to me if you need to.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 29 OCT 14 by Margaret Furness
When you look up a rose on helpmefind, there's a Buy From button at the top right of the page. Thomas for Roses at Woodside list this one; I think they may be on their annual fishing trip, but when you contact them you could order a plant for next winter.
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